December 13, 2017

Happy 10 Elisabeth

We are celebrating our Elisabeth’s tenth birthday!   It seems as if it was just this morning they put my little pink muffin in my hands.  Yet, when I think of the journey these last ten years have taken us on it seems we should all be a hundred.
While Elisabeth shares the beautiful heart of her brothers and sisters she is also so different from our other children.  She is super outgoing and confident which makes her a natural when it is time to get in front of an audience.  Elisabeth loves so big in a way that seems effortless and even more so when someone seems unlovable.  Her grace and eloquence are beyond her years.  Her concern for her friends and loved ones, and those she has never met, teaches us all so much.

Elisabeth is quickly becoming an accomplished violinist and aces her way through fifth grade.  This year she has begun private art lessons and we have been amazed to watch her talent bloom.  

2017 has brought many changes and much growth for our girl including glasses and in a few weeks braces.  She takes each new challenge and change as if it was nothing with a sense of excitement, adventure and endless joy.  

Her birthday plans were changed twice to accommodate a family who needed the day more and without a thought she smiled and said okay that will be great!  God bless it may I learn to have a heart like Elisabeth before I leave this earth.  So we baked this beautiful cake, made enchiladas and played games to celebrate.  Happy birthday sweet girl.  After three big brothers  I will never forget the tears I shed when Dr. A placed you in my arms and said, “Congratulations you have a daughter.”  

November 22, 2017

Front Porch Snuggles

In warmer months Addison and I take advantage of the early sunrise by starting our day on the porch rocking and snuggling together.  With shorter days it’s too dark and as winter approaches too cold for our quiet time.  Addison decided to let me know how much he misses it today by dragging me out to the porch in the cold and wind.  What else could we do but  take a break from our Thanksgiving preparations and cuddle under a blanket for a few minutes?

July 29, 2017

Early Intervention Celebration

It is hard to believe it has been over four years since we began the journey of early intervention with Addison.  After a one year extension our boy will be exiting the program in just a few short weeks.  This is so very bittersweet for us.  It is exciting to be entering this new phase, past healing and into growing.  I have always believed we had what we needed to help Addison reach his greatest potential, whatever that may be.  However, it is intimidating to be moving into unfamiliar territory without our support system.  After meeting most of his team one of the therapists we work with out of town started referring to Henry's therapists as "Team Addison" and they have been just that for the last 4 1/2 years.

July 5, 2017

Carmella 6th Birthday

Our little pixie is six!  Carmella's birthday came in the middle of a busy time including a week away, the long Fourth of July weekend and a week of hosting some teens from Virginia.  Whew!  It's no wonder she asked to spend the day just swimming and face painting which was perfect for all of us.

June 28, 2017

Light Post

One of the boys many projects during construction was installing a new light post.