March 21, 2018

#YesICan World Down Syndrome Day 2018

Even though it seems we just celebrated New Year's Day, yesterday marked the first day of spring.  Something very hard to notice here on the east coast where we have a foot of snow.  But it was and that means today is March 21st and World Down Syndrome Day.  Trisomy 21 results when an individual is born with three copies of the twenty-first chromosome.  Therefore each year on 3/21 we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. 

December 20, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

To celebrate our anniversary Allen took the day off and the kids went to visit their grandparents so we could have some time to catch up with each other.  In honor of of the day we made a list of 21 great moments (in no particular order) since we have been a couple.  Except we couldn't stop at 21 and in fact only quit because we ran out of time.

December 13, 2017

Happy 10 Elisabeth

We are celebrating our Elisabeth’s tenth birthday!   It seems as if it was just this morning they put my little pink muffin in my hands.  Yet, when I think of the journey these last ten years have taken us on it seems we should all be a hundred.

December 3, 2017

Candlelight Vespers

The Candlelight Vespers at Hood College is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the Christmas Season.  

November 22, 2017

Front Porch Snuggles

In warmer months Addison and I take advantage of the early sunrise by starting our day on the porch rocking and snuggling together.  With shorter days it’s too dark and as winter approaches too cold for our quiet time.  Addison decided to let me know how much he misses it today by dragging me out to the porch in the cold and wind.  What else could we do but  take a break from our Thanksgiving preparations and cuddle under a blanket for a few minutes?