April 2, 2016

Family Easter Photos 2016

I have the worst luck with electronics.  Seriously, I somehow killed two phones in the last year.  I have been holding my breath hoping my most recent would hang on until March 31st when we can replace it much cheaper.  Last night it finally said, "I quit."  

And then there are the cameras.  I have burned through so many cameras over the years.  I think its because it is always with us and always in the action.  The last time Allen replaced my camera he took out the longest dummy warranty he could buy.  Smart move.  The first time I used it, we were in a hotel lobby trying to get a family portrait before we headed to our friend's wedding.  Oops... the camera went flying out of my hand and after hitting the floor flew across the slick tile.  Amazon did some magic and I had a new camera.  Then last fall I took the kids down to the C&O Canal for some running and biking.  Carmella was standing on a rock in the Potomac taking a photo of Brianna and I.  She did so great at being careful.  And then as she handed the camera back to me it slipped out of my hand and went splash... into the river.  I actually stuck it in a bag of rice for a few days, a trick I have used many times when I got caught in a rain storm running and my phone got water logged.  It's kept working on and off since October.  Like my latest phone, last week it finally said, "No more."  Allen again contacted Amazon... I love Amazon... and they gave us a refund and we ordered a new camera... which, thankfully, arrived Saturday.  

We haven't had a family photo since last fall and so much has happened since then, and the kids have grown so much... especially our Addison... I wanted to get a few pictures of everyone together on Easter.  I was happy I didn't have to rely on the phones to do the job.  

We have had amazing weather the last few weeks... kind of like May weather... but in March... which is usually just plain nasty and ugly around here.  Unfortunately, Easter was not one of them.  It was cool and overcast.  Actually, we noted it was colder, at 60 degrees on Easter, than it was on Christmas, which topped out at 80 degrees.  The crazy weather continues here on the east coast.  We still had some nice light to get a few photos.

I love Addison's face in this photo.  I look at these boys and I just think, "They are so very handsome!"   

March 26, 2016

On Family

Yesterday we received some sad news.  Very sad.  I tried so hard to stay positive.  We were working to get ready for our Easter celebration and I put everyone back on task.  I was sure the preparations would be a good distraction.

February 18, 2016

And Then There Was Music

I thought I had posted these photos for my friend Leon...last fall.  As it turns out Addison was in the hospital when I got them and I was very preoccupied with him and then it was Thanksgiving, and then I had the flu and then it was Christmas... and the girls informed me the other day that I had never done this.  Ooops.  

February 14, 2016

Mom's Thoughtful Spot

I LOVE office supplies.  Weird, I know.  The first day of school with blank notebooks, spanking new crayons and freshly sharpened pencils, has got to be one of my favorite days of the year.  My husband knows this.  My kids know this.  And a very select group of friends (up until now, anyway) know this.