July 5, 2017

Carmella 6th Birthday

Our little pixie is six!  Carmella's birthday came in the middle of a busy time including a week away, the long Fourth of July weekend and a week of hosting some teens from Virginia.  Whew!  It's no wonder she asked to spend the day just swimming and face painting which was perfect for all of us.

June 28, 2017

Light Post

One of the boys many projects during construction was installing a new light post.  

June 10, 2017

Week In Review 6-4-17

Long ago in a world before Addison and house building I made a point of posting a few photos from the previous week each Thursday.  We love looking back at these and remembering little moments we had forgotten and I love the weekly motivation to remember to take photos of the daily living as my little ones grew into big ones.  I determined to get back to that practice and somehow my goal of Saturday has already turned into Tuesday.  But here it goes.  A few snippets of our crazy world this week.

Our week started with our first Preview service.   

June 5, 2017

Preview Service

With our church launch only a few months away our team has scheduled three preview services to get the ropes of a portable church down before we open to the public in September.  

May 27, 2017

This House Is Not For Sale

Thanksgiving weekend 2001 we drove up in front of one of the ugliest houses I have ever seen.  Bushes were growing over the windows.  The yard was filled with debris, including piles of old rusted out vehicles.  The siding was faded to a color no one could identify.  When we stepped inside the smell of cigarette smoke, mold and mildew was overwhelming.  There were rodents and their tracks everywhere.  It was filthy.  The brown tile flooring, green appliances, layers of busy wallpaper, green baseboard heaters and bifold doors and the blue and green bathroom fixtures all shouted back to 1970 when the house was originally built. Almost as a joke someone had laid brand new beige wall to wall carpeting throughout to make the house "more appealing."  After seven years of searching for the perfect place to raise our family, Allen said he was going to buy it.