February 16, 2009

i won! i wON! I WON!

Well, I didn't win but he did and that's the same difference.

My husband has received a prestigious award from his company that also entitles him and I to 5 days on St. Kitt's Island in the Carribean. This is my dream vacation. I love palm trees, island music, the ocean, sand anything that screams tropics. I can hardly wait but while he will spend 20 minutes throwing Hawaiian shirts and jeans in a carryon bag the night before we go ...

I feel like those old Disney World commercials "Kathleen, what are you going to do now that you've won high five?" Only I got to go to the passport office. Which gave me heart palipitations but actually, was not bad at all. We had to make an emergency trip across town to get a birth certificate and still the whole process took just an hour.

Now, all I have to do is arrange care for 7 children, 3 lizards, 2 birds, 1 fish and 1 cat.

Oh, and buy a whole new warddrobe including and evening gown and shoes.

And lose 20 pounds so I can look good in that warddrobe.

And...do something about the fact that I live in the North and it is the middle of winter-my skin looks like raw chicken.

Then there is the little problem of a breast feeding baby.

And we have to fly over an ocean. There is nothing, I mean NOTHING, that terrifies me more than flying and over water is worse yet.

Did I mention heart palipitations????

I am not sure 5 days will be enough when I get done preparing for this little blessing.

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