February 12, 2009

I'm on the fan alone and it's spinning really fast!

I have two parakeets that my husband gave me for our anniversary. I named them Art and Chili Pepper which are pet names my husband and I have for each other. (That's another story). I've learned alot about birds since they moved in last December...like they must have a mate and they mate for life. This really is true. Every morning they wake up when we get up and start singing to each other. I swear it sounds like they are having a conversation. It is almost always really beautiful. Once in a while though, she will start squaking at him like he is really in trouble for something. (Ladies, you know what I mean if you are honest and have been married for any length of time.) After, they are fed they fly out of their cage in the living room and go immediately to the ceiling fan in the kitchen. After a few minutes they fly to the fan in my son's room off of the living room and then they fly back and forth like that, together, for an hour or so. Eventually, they perch on my son's fan for the remainder of the day, chatting with each other. Around, dinner time, when the sun starts to set they fly back into their cage eat some seed and sit there quietly until around the time we tuck the kids in bed. Then they go to the top of the cage perch on the side, snuggled together, and go to sleep. Our bird book said they must have a companion or they will literally die of loneliness.

Well, today, the oddest thing happened. Art, went flying down the hall and perched on the ceiling fan in our master bedroom. Chili went to the living room fan and sat there all day crying, I swear it sounded like crying, for Art. He would call back to her but refuse to come. It was sad and pathetic. We thought about shooing him out to her just to put her out of her misery.

Stay with me...All of this has a point.

Now, my husband, Allen (nicknamed Art), travels a great deal for his work. Today was one of those days. He got up before the sun to make the four hour trip, meet with customers all day, and then make the 4 hour drive back home. On these days I feel like that bird. Nothing in my world is right. I sometimes think it is in my head but I didn't imagine today. I woke up to no electricity. That in itself isn't such a bad thing. We lose power quite often as we live in an older house with older above ground lines but... We heat our house with wood. That is usually a blessing when the power goes out. However, the last few days have been unusually warm, almost 70 degrees, so we had no fire and no wood in the house. We also have a well with an electric pump. One of my sons had wet the bed during the night and I had no way to bathe him or wash his linens.

As a matter of fact, I was due to host 10 ladies for tea at 11 am and I had no water to boil let alone power to boil it. My daughter used my cell phone (cordless phones don't work when the power goes out) to call and cancel our guests except for one. My one friend is deaf. They don't own a phone since her husband is also deaf. We keep in contact through email. Which guess what...went out with the power! I had to send my daughter with a fever hiking a mile down the road with a note. With all that taken care of it was back to the other issues at hand.
Six of my seven children were burning up with fever. My three year old son had an asthmatic cough. He needed to go to the asthma specialist. Here was the next problem. Now, I have had some trials in my life and I have given birth to seven children. I have very little pride. But I don't ever, I mean never, leave the house without make up. I don't even open the door to the UPS man if I haven't finished my morning routine. Now, did I mention we had no water. That means no shower. You with me still. By this time I was starting to feel lousy myself and it had all the ear marks of the flu. Fever, chills, aches all over.

So, I have kids who need to eat and no way to fix anything. I was even out of milk so cereal was out the qestion. All at once it hits me. The ice cream and popsicles are going to melt. Can we say breakfast???

So around about lunch time the power is back on and I quickly bathe everyone and we start washing linens and run the dishwasher and all those things you just HAVE to do when you lose power. I fed the kids little sandwiches and tarts slated for my tea and they start asking to go back to bed. At last, naptime! Now, my one year old, Elisabeth, the only person not sick at this point, is the bestbaby in the world. She never fusses, has slept through the night since whe was born, smiles for everyone...you get the idea. She decides she doesn't want to nap. For the first time in a year she won't take her nap. When all I want to do is lie down and close my eyes so the pounding in my head would stop. Any other time, someone is begging to play with her, but all they are begging for today is to lie down and take a nap.

Oh, yeah, and the bird is still pining away for her sweetheart.

My daughter did actually play with Elisabeth for a while and I napped for 45 minutes. Then the other kids started wandering into the family room where I was resting. I did what any self respecting mother would do in my place...I put on a movie. Last year, my husband remodeled our basement and put in a high tech projector and 100 inch screen and 2 DVD players, sound equipement-the whole deal. Do you know the blasted thing wouldn't work. So here, we are with thousands of dollars of equipment surrounding us and 7 kids and myself watching Leave It to Beaver on my laptop.

My husband called a little while ago to say he'd be home in about 2 hours or so. At that moment I realized what my 17 year old said was true I am just like that bird. Today I was perched on the ceiling fan alone and it was spinning out of control. One phone call to know that he is on his way and suddenly everything is alright again. The sun has set and the birds are back in their cage now quietly waiting for bedtime. The kids have fired up the 18 year old television set in the armoire upstairs and I don't hear a sound from them either. And after a month of trying to start my blog...I have at last written my first entry.

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