March 5, 2009

Curly Top

My house is filled with motion and sound. I don't think in an unpleasant or chaotic way...just the result of 9 people living in 2400 square foot together 24/7.
Even during the night you can hear constant movement and motion. Some of our children toss and turn a lot. Others talk in their sleep. Some even walk in their sleep.
There is always sound and movement. Sometimes I listen to it going on around me and just laugh at the sheer humor in what's being said or done...other times I laugh in a desperate attempt to not cry. Like this last weekend.

Saturday we had two little girls with us for the day. I was shocked at the change they brought to our humble abode. Wow! They never sat still, never stopped complaining, whining talking name it.
The dynamics were exhausting. Within minutes of their arrival several rooms were trashed in a way I didn't think possible. They argued and bickered. And the only food they seem to like is hot chocolate and strawberries-which are hard to come by in February in Maryland.
By the time they left my usually unshakeable husband was asking me where I had put the child training books.
We had lunch together with the same friends after worship on Sunday. All the way home my little guys were asking when the girls could come for another weekend. Their father tells me the girls, too, had the time of their life. It was so neat to have two little girls to brush and dress up for the day, but I had to spend Sunday afternoon soaking in the tub.

My head is still spinning from it. All week I've been trying to gather my thoughts into a cohesive enough thought to put together a post but each time I get a quiet moment I end up thinking again about how exhausting it all was. I thank God for good child training books so that I can enjoy the days with my little ones here at home.

And speaking of enjoying the days...I was thinking of all the little bits of things going on around here this week. I can't help comparing all that commotion with the normal calm spirit of my kids. When people come to my home for the first time I expect it will be wild, noisy, chaos with so many children under one roof. In fact it is the exact opposite. Our house is usually a rather calm and orderly place.

Aedan is our hyper fellow and even he doesn't hold a candle to our little visitors this weekend. And speaking of Aedan he is such an interesting little fellow. At 5 years old he has round little cheeks, pudgy hands and a head full of blond curls. One side of him is wild and full of energy. He used to get up in the middle of dinner just to walk around the table for no apparent reason. And you should see him break out in song and dance.

On the other hand he is the calmest kid I've ever met. I was washing dishes yesterday morning and he reached under the sink to throw something in the recyle bin and closed the door. I went back to washing dishes and we chit chatted about something for a minute or two. Then I told him to go finish his chores. And he said in the sweetest little voice you can imagine, "um excuse me mama, but could I get my fingers out first?" I looked down to see what he was talking about. I quickly realized that the whole time we'd been talking I was leaning on the cupboard door as I washed the dishes and there were his little fingers stuck in the door! The child didn't scream, whine, complain or cry. I can't help but compare his calmness with the bedlam of our little friends on Saturday.

Of course, maybe the reason he is so calm is that he was baby number five. By the time he came along things were so wild and out of control that he just got used to crazy stuff happening and so things don't faze him like they would kids from smaller families. As a matter of fact, maybe our house is crazy and we just don't realize it because we're all used to the chaos.

For example. I was cooking Christmas dinner and left Brianna (13) in the kitchen to keep an eye on things and went down the hall. You would assume a few things like 1)she would notice what was happening 5 feet from where she was sitting 2)somebody would smell the smoke 3)not much could happen in the time it takes to walk from one end of the house to the other. As I was saying, you could assume some things-but you would be wrong. From the kitchen I hear Aedan was asking if anyone knew that the stove was on fire just as if he was asking about the weather. Brianna was sitting at the island reading a magazine as if nothing was happening. Kaitlin happened along from no where and saw what was going on and at least reached into the freezer for a box of baking soda. We dumped it on the stove and everyone carried on a conversation as if nothing had happened. Wouldn't you think someone would have yelled fire or something?

So Aedan is calm and obviously more observant than his big sister.

This week in school we finished the life of Joseph and started the life of Moses. As an introduction I explained that Joseph brought the Hebrew people into Egypt and that God had chosen Moses to lead them back out into the promised land. Aedan looked up at me and said "Is that the one with milk and honey?"

Since I seem to be on the topic of Aedan, he showed me a little lesson this week. I was in the kitchen working and Allen was sitting at the kitchen table doing something. Aedan walks in and says, "Mama is God a girl or a boy?" I went on to explain that no one really knows but I think God is a boy because when he created Adam he said he would make man in his image and Adam was a boy. Then I explained that God is the head and he tells us that men should be the head of the church and the head of the family. Aedan says Ok and starts to walk away. Now Allen speaks up and says, "It's God the father." Some times the simplest answers are the hardest for us to see.

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  1. Kat, I cannot imagine bringing two more kids into a house with 7 children! You must have an infinite amount of patience (or are just plain crazy!). I love hearing about your family life, and miss you guys so much.