March 26, 2009

Don't Hide Your Sister's Unmentionables in Pa's Tool Chest

As I mentioned a few weeks washer is not working. Our repairman has been avoiding us like the plaque and needless to say...laundry is backed up even more than usual. One of the things I like about my machine is the hand wash cycle. Since there is no agitator we can wash anything in there and not worry about it being damaged. This includes our most delicate garments like hand wash only Victoria's Secret underwire bras.

Our delightful neighbor has given us the use of her machine until ours is up and running again. However, she doesn't have this great feature. We are not complaining mind you...but some things have been thrown by the wayside and forgotten bras.

The night before last one of my daughters complained about the lack of clean undergarments and so at 11:00 p.m. there was a trip to the dirty laundry pile to hand wash for the next day. In order to hurry the drying process we hung the pink unmentionable on a coat hanger right above the wood stove. Yesterday morning, I told Brianna it was there but she looked and looked and swore it wasn't. As is often the case in our house, we all got busy and it was forgotten about.

Until this morning. When Allen went to stock the wood stove. He saw something hanging out of the drawer of his tool chest. What do you suppose it was? You guessed it! A hot pink bra.

A jury of nine uncovered the culprit at breakfast. Of course, you'll understand that the rest of the meal included a lot of discussion about things you don't do with your sister's undergarments.

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