March 26, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened While I Was Waiting For the Repairman

Last Tuesday, I was expecting the washer repairman. As I was putting make up on the kids said there was someone here for me. I went to the door and noticed a Sears truck in the driveway. I thought this was odd since the repairman I was waiting on was from A&E Appliance. There were two men who barely spoke English standing on the porch. One of them said that he had a delivery from Sears.

I said, "You have the wrong house."

He looked at his clipboard and said, "Is this ---- ------- Road?"

Note that to my left, next to the front door is a big plaque with our address on it. He looked confused but not deterred from his mission.

I said, "Yes, but you have the wrong address. We aren't expecting any deliveries."

Brianna was standing behind me and she said, "Um, Mom, he's right it is for us."

It occured to me that Allen had asked me to make sure I was home on Tuesday to sign for a package he was expecting. He often has stuff for his customers shipped here.

So, now that we realized it wasn't a language barrier problem we needed to move forward. I said to the bewildered man, "Um, I am sorry but apparently you did have the right house and it is for us. It must be a suprise from my husband."

Now that we had that all clear he smiled, looking relieved that he wouldn't have to track down the recipient of his delivery. He nodded, and then asked, "Where do you want it?"

I paused for a moment trying to decide where it should go when it dawned on me that I didn't even know what "it" was! I am sure he thought I was insane by now so I had nothing to lose when I looked at him with the straightest face I could manage and said, "Ummm...what is it?"

He was not going to be moved. With an equally straight face he looked at his clipboard again and then back to me, "It's a stove."

Can I pause to cause you to think of any other place one might put a stove other than the kitchen? He might have thought I was a nut but at least I know where we keep the stoves.

To keep from busting out laughing, I instead changed topics and asked him if they would be taking the old one. He answered, "No." Then checked the clipboard. Then said, "Yes."

I led him to the kitchen where he and his buddy lifted and removed the old one. Revolting, is the only word to describe the amount of grime that had accumulated on the 30 year old floor under that stove since we moved here 7 years ago. I was over my initial shock though and moved with lightening speed to sweep and clean the floor before they returned from their truck.

Now that I had my bearings, my thoughts were racing at a million miles a minute. I'd been cooking on that old stove for so long. Cursing it's existence as I put out each meal. Begging for a new one each time canning season came. Praying for God to remove that curse each time we had company in and the oven refused to heat up properly. Now in mere moments, at my fingertips I would have a working oven and 4 level and working burners right at my fingertips and all in beautiful stainless steel. My heart was overflowing with love for Sears, Kenmore and my dear husband.

The next sentence was like a blow to my heart. "We can't plug it in."

"What do you mean you can't plug it in?" I was the baffled one with my mouth hanging open now. "It's easy. Watch and I will show you," I said helpfully. He shook his head no. "Can't you fit back there? I will do it for you."

"No," my Mexican friend said as he continued to shake his head. "It is hard wired. We can't do it." He then proceeded to hand me the phone so his manager could explain that they don't know how to do that and they will have someone return in 2 weeks to hook it up!
No peanut butter and jelly in the house and here I was stuck at home waiting for the repairman, no way to cook, 7 hungry children and my sister from Italy due that afternoon. Allen was my only way to make a connection between electricity and this divine invention and he was out of town!

God giveth and God taketh away, eh?


  1. Oh My! That is terrible! We went without power for a few days during an ice storm last year. My kids thought it was great because I went to Dollar General and bought all kinds of unusual's for us..,Pop Tarts, PB crackers, spam...ugh sounds disgusting now! Hope they can hurry the service along for you!

  2. How are you getting along w/o the oven? Did your passport make it yet? Curious minds need to know!