March 20, 2010

I Know the School Year is Coming to an End...

Every fall we return from vacation around the first week of October. I then spend the next week de-cluttering, organizing and cleaning my house. No closet, shelf or drawer goes without notice. Summer clothes are put away and winter clothes are put out. Each piece of clothing is checked for the proper fit and discarded, mended, ironed or replaced as needed. The fridge and pantry are stocked. The gardens are cleaned out and put to rest before winter sets in. I make lists, write lesson plans, order school books and eagerly embark on a new year of home education.

Those who have known me for any length of time will tell you I am quite a fanatic when it comes to neatness and orderliness.   Alas, these are two words that don't always coincide with home schooling. By December I am looking around my house and shaking my head in dismay. I try to figure out what happened to my book shelves, that just a short time ago were arranged by subject matter and size. By March, though, it is clear we have been hard at work for some time and surely the school year must be coming to an end by the state of neglect all around my house.

The laundry room seems to be the most evident as dirty clothes might be spilling from the laundry room into the hall way.  Not only are the boys' clothes no longer organized by outfits, but they can not even find a clean pair of overalls to get dressed in the morning.  The ironing is backed up so deep that there are clothes waiting to be pressed that the kids can no longer fit into.

Our meals change a bit in the desire to spend time outside and do school at the same time.  An occasional cookie for lunch and whatever can be carried outdoors for dinner is the order of the day.  

Our curriculum becomes a little more flexible, too.  Not only do lessons often get moved outdoors, but I try to find ways to work playing in the sandbox and spreading mulch into our lesson plans.  History and Science become optional as I try to cover the "important" subjects in the limited amount of time I can get the boys to sit still without begging to go outside and play.

If the dirty laundry, empty fridge and messy cabinets weren't enough to attest to our successful season of learning and hard work then the full boxes in my record book will have to do.  Because even if I don't choose to embrace it, as soon as the days turn warm and the sunlight lasts into the evening, the children can no longer focus on geography and spelling and by default the school year will quickly come to a close.  So until next fall, when I will once again organize the cupboards and stock the pantry for another productive year of learning, I will concede and employ the greatest lesson I have learned in my years as a home school mom, you can't beat them so you might as well join them!

With that, I will see you in the garden.

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  1. Kat,

    Yup hard to realize that only a couple of months remain and we can draw to a close another year of schooling while preparing to get ready for another one that lies ahead!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat