March 9, 2009

Lessons From the Laundromat

Sunday was 75 degrees here in Maryland. I love the spring weather and would have loved to been outdoors with the kids.

My husband and I are cultivating a habit of spending Sunday afternoon reading the Bible together. I would have loved to do that.

The whole daylight savings time things left me short on sleep and a nap would have been great too.

But no. I spent 4 hours of my Sunday afternoon at the laundromat since my beloved washer decided to give up the ghost. (More on that another time.)

I was shocked at the sheer expense of washing and drying just 7 loads of laundry. $40 in quarters. For that price it should have gone in one machine and come out washed, dried, fluffed, ironed and folded.

Another shocker was the people coming and going. We intentionally opened the phone book and picked a place in a "good" part of town. Yet, my husband had to remind me to not leave my coach bag sitting unattended. The lady at the drier next to me had some very colorful language, too. Although, I warned her before she put her quarter in that machine didn't work, so she had only herself to blame when she lost her money.

To add insult to injury a troop of girl scouts set up a table outside the door and had the nerve to stand there selling cookies. I showed great will power and didn't buy one box. In fact, I out lasted them. They closed up shop and left before my denim was dry.

$40, 4 hours, and 7 loads of laundry later I am a much wiser person. I learned quite a few lessons from the laundromat.

*My whites, that I take such pride in, aren't as white as I thought. When I was growing up it was ingrained in me by my mother and grandmother that your worth as a home maker all boils down to just one thing-how whites your whites really are. Ihave taken great pride in keeping mine sparkling white or at least knowing when to throw all the socks and underwear away and buy new ones. Standing under those flourescent lights matching and folding socks I discovered they are all yellow and gray. It was just like the revelation of looking in one of those lighted make up mirrors so popular in the 70's and 80's!

*The adorable grinch boxer shorts Sam gave Allen for Christmas aren't really all that adorable when you are folding them in front of strangers.

*Don't drink an entire diet snapple while waiting for the wash cycle. Only one word can be used when referring to the rest room -Revolting.

*Be sure it's your dryer before you start folding a strange man's under things.

*Don't take an engineer with you. They ask annoying questions like "Would the jeans dry quicker if we divide them into several machines?" and "How about if we throw these reds in with those light things so that we don't have to put money in two machines?" Oh, and everything an engineer folds looks like wadded up paper towels.

*And probably the most important thing of all is this. Tall or short. Rich or poor. Lost or Saved. Man or woman. Republican or Democrat. In the end we all have one thing in common. Eventually, we all have to wash our dirty underwear.

Four hours; Seven loads of laundry; Forty dollars; Lessons learned; Priceless?

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  1. Ahhh, the laudromat! I spent many a Saturday morning there when I was in university. I love the lessons you learned!