March 9, 2009

My Beautiful Little Face

My three year old, Samuel, is allergic to peanut butter and chocolate. This is a shame since the only two foods he really likes are chocolate milk and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Among other things he has a tendency to become asthmatic. As someone who suffers from allergies and asthma I understand the importance of limiting his contact with such things.We carry his epipen with us and we are training him to discern what he is eating. I have been successful to some degree. He has no trouble at all not eating candy or other chocolate and nut containing things-just giving up his milk.

After a lot of hemming and hawing I've persuaded him that a sandwich made with jelly is just as good. When offered food by someone other than family, regardless of what they are serving, he is very quick to speak up and say, "Just jelly for me please. Peanut butter gives me a rash."

However, he still indulges in chocolate soy milk once in a while. (Here you should translate...on the rare occassion that I have been to the grocery store and stocked the fridge). I can always tell when he has had chocolate milk because he gets a red bubbly kind of rash under his nose, around his mouth and over his chin.

Well, miracles do happen. The week before last I went to the grocery store. Samuel went on a two day milk drinking frenzy. A day or two later I was giving him a hug and saw that his face was again spotted.

I looked at him and said, "Samuel, you need to stop drinking chocolate milk. Couldn't you try drinking white milk for Mama?"

He said, "Mama, I like chocolate milk."

I looked back at him and said, "Samuel, I know you like chocolate milk but look at your beautiful little face!"

In total seriousness he looked back at me and said the sweetest little voice, "Mama, I can't see my beautiful little face."

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  1. My oldest has a severe peanut allergy - he goes into anaphylactic shock. He's also asthmatic and has other allergies. Ezekiel, on the other hand, has no asthma and no peanut allergy, just eczema. I keep expecting him to develop allergies since eczema is a precursor a lot of times, but so far we've been ok!

    Samuel sounds soooo sweet!