March 22, 2009

The Verdict is Still Out

I mentioned a while ago that my passport has not arrived yet. Today it still is no where to be found despite the fact that I filed the paperwork and paid a hefty fee to expedite it on February 18th. Expediting was supposed to be a guarantee that it would be here by March 6th. Hello?? Define expedite, please.

I have been in constant contact with our helpful and oh so trusting local passport official, Cindy. She keeps saying, " That shouldn't be. Call the National office in D.C." Cindy actually said to me, "Oh, don't worry honey. They won't let you miss your trip?" She really believes that all those underworked and over paid government workers care whether or not I miss my trip because they misplaced my paper work!

So, I have spent several hours over the course of 4 very unhelpful phone calls finding out nothing. Each person has given me a completely different story without actually telling me anything. They have assured me that they would indeed refund my expedite fees. That should go a long way in bribing the passports officials to let me into St. Kitts and back into the U.S. don't you think?

The last call on Friday ended with Michael telling me to schedule an appointment to go to D .C. and track it down. I was then transferred to the automated scheduling center where I was informed they were completely booked up until March 24th. (Did I mention we leave on April first?). So, four times I listened to 15 minutes of automated beaurocaracy only to be disconnected before I could complete the process of scheduling an appointment.

My mom decided to intervene and called her friend who also happens to be our local congressman. He assured mom that his office would get on it and it would be squared away immediately. His assistant was going to call me right away to get the necessary information. No one ever called.

Dad asked me last night if they had reached me and I said no. Mom said she was going to call again today. Guess word from mom or the Congressman's office. Allen sent a text to mom to get a status report who said the lady in charge was out sick today.

In the meantime I called Cindy dear who in turn called D.C. The gentleman she spoke to assured her that he was going to personally track down my application, walk it through the channels and overnight it to me. She ended the conversation saying that if it didn't come by Friday at noon, call her again. Hmmm...

So, in case you thought you missed it...don't worry-voting is still open. Go to the side bar on the right to get your vote in today. Will my passport arrive in time?

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