March 25, 2009

We Don't Water the Plants With Coffee

I often take a cup of water to bed with me. In the morning if there is anything left I pour if in my potted plants. I often forget to get out the watering can and tend to the plants. It is not unusual for them to be drooping over. This little bit of water is all that stands between them and the fate many of my houseplants have suffered before them. The girls have caught on to this and when clearing the table they will water the plants with what is left in glasses.

While I was putting my makeup on the other day, Nathaniel came in to ask me a question. He was holding a coffe cup in his hand. I asked him why he was holding a cup of coffee in the bathroom. He doesn't even drink coffee. He said Pa hadn't finished his and so he watered my Palm tree with it. I wasn't sure I'd heard him right so I asked him again. Sure enough, there was nothing wrong with my hearing. He said, "I already told you. Pa didn't finish his coffee so I watered your palm tree with it."

Hmmm. Would you like sugar or cream with that?

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