April 17, 2009

Coming Alive

After almost constant rain and chilly weather since our return, Spring has come again. Yesterday, was incredible and the whole family let out a sigh of relief as we were at last able to get into our gardens and do some good hard work. Claritin, has made it's return to our dining room table as a regular course at breakfast. If that doesn't say Spring than how about this? The smell of fresh mowed grass and the sounds of the tractor coming in my office window? The boys are making their annual trek from sandbox to compost pile to empty their favorite play spot of the "icky" sand in preparation for a fresh batch and endless hours of fun late into the summer evenings. I look forward to the daily ritual of watching the night set in from our deck as the children swing and run their trucks through the sand box.

I don't think it is any accident that God makes Spring and His Resurrection coincide. Each year when the spring weather starts to settle in, like it did here yesterday, I feel like I am truly coming alive all over again. In thinking about it, I realize that during the long months of winter, I didn't notice how gradually everything had become dead and how listless I had become. It is only in the coming alive again of the grass, trees and flowers that I so clearly see what I've been missing all winter. What my soul was longing for in the dark and dreary days. In ruminating on that, I can not help but reflect on His coming alive and emerging from the grave, just as my cherry tree is doing today. I am reminded of the idea that so many in our world are indeed suffering the death and listlessness of sin in a dark and dreary world. They don't even know it! As I dug in the soil yesterday and cleared away the winter's debris from my flower beds, I was again convicted of the urgent need to do my part to help open the windows of people's hearts. So that the Lord's words can bring them alive again. And the fresh air of His salvation can help them emerge from the dark and dreary world we are all trapped in without His wonderful gift.

If you know what I mean...shout "Amen!" If you don't please email me, and allow me the opportunity to share it with you. CP


  1. Amen! Great post! I am jealous of your cherry tree. One of my friends growing up had one and we would climb it and sit up there and eat until we couldn't stuff another one in.