April 13, 2009

Five Dozen Hard Boiled Eggs

Every time we go out in public we are bombarded with questions and comments about our gang...some sweet and curious and some down right rude. I try to answer very politely and use it as an opportunity to share what God has done in my life.

Last week in the newspaper there was an article about life in a big family. The author commented on how everyone finds large families so fascinating. Apparently, there are a number of television programs following the lives of bigger families. When I was growing up, there were four of us. Back then families consisted of one or two children. People always commented on how many children we had in our family. It didn't seem very big to us. In our church at that time there were two families with eight children each. Now, I must say, I did find them fascinating. One of my favorite books was, and is, Cheaper By the Dozen. So although, I do get frustrated when we are constantly stopped by inquisitive strangers while we are trying to accomplish something, I guess in all honesty I must admit that I understand their curiosity.

Some things are just unique and special to a household with many children. My husband and I always wanted a big family we just never gave much thought to the implications. One such thing came to my attention today. I thought, "I should write that down to tell the kids some day." I am going to periodically write a post called "Are They All Yours?" One of the most frequently asked questions we get. It will answer these questions. If you are among those people who find big families interesting(number, not size-we are a short bunch) then check it out.

My thought today was on the topic of eggs. You see...

Back when we were first married I bought a dozen eggs and put it in the fridge and there it sat for a few weeks. I am allergic to eggs. My husband didn't eat breakfast. Once in a while, I would use 1 or 2 to bake some cookies. But, mostly they just sat there. After they had been in the fridge for a month or so...long enough for me to feel like I'd gotten my money worth (eggs were about 79 cents a dozen then) I would look at them for awhile. Then I would ask Allen if he thought they were still good. Together, we'd look at them. Sniff them. Then I'd throw them away and add eggs to my shopping list. I am not sure why I kept buying them...but I did. I guess mostly because eggs are something that is suppose to be in your refrigerator. They were always in my mother's. They were always in my grandmothers'. Everyone in the grocery store always had a dozen eggs in their buggy. I wanted eggs in mine, too.

Time just changes things, though. After all these years, I am still doing laundry, washing dishes, and changing diapers...these things are the same. However, I never thought I would see the day when not only would eggs be a staple in our house but that I would buy 4 dozen at a time. We have a standing order with my father's friend, an organic egg seller, for 4 dozen a week. On Saturday I hard boiled 5 dozen for coloring. While I was putting them in the pan, I was thinking it was so many eggs and who would eat them all. Then I reminded myself that it is not about the cost of 5 dozen eggs and who would eat them but that each child would have fun decorating them. Here is the most amazing part of all. Not only did I never think the day would come that I would hard boil 5 dozen eggs at once...but even more profound is that 2 days later they are almost all gone!


  1. This should be a fun series! I'm looking forward to more. I can only imagine the comments and questions you get when out with your kids. I only have 3 and I often hear, "You've got your hands full!" or "Better you than me!" Some people seem to ignore the blessing and only focus on the work of having several children.

  2. Chaos,

    Thanks for stopping by. Blessings indeed! They don't know what they are missing.


  3. I would never approach people with questions or comments just because I am to shy. However, I love to see large families and am very curious about the day to day workings. I live near the famous Duggar family so I have witnessed their sweet family in action at the grocery store and other places. They really are amazing! I will look forward to these posts.