April 19, 2009

I Dreamed I Was Growing...

I have heard that after people are married for such an amount of time they begin to look like each other. I don't think my husband and I look much like each other. In fact I don't think any of our kids look anything like either of us. But that is another story.

What is funny is that my husband and I think exactly alike. This may not sound funny unless you know a few things about our background. He was an electrical engineering major. I was a student of nursing and midwifery. He comes from a long line of dairy farmers. My family were Italian immigrants. He lives by chaos and disorganization. I go beserk if something isn't put where it belongs. He likes burgers and fries. I like sushi and salad. He likes science fiction. I like romantic comedy. We are nothing alike and yet we think exactly alike.

This afternoon we sat down on the love seat for a minute of rest before we head back to church. He was reading one of his many beloved seed catalogues. All of a sudden he looked at me and said, "Last night I dreamed that I was growing..." I kept on typing and said, "Asparagus." Bingo.

See what I mean?

1 comment :

  1. Wow...cool and uncanny!
    I am dreaming of my tomato's. I love, love, love home grown tomato's!! We have hard orange clay for dirt here in Arkansas and the tomato's love it. We have a lot in common...to bad we can't meet for some sushi. :)