April 19, 2009

If All Visitors Were Like This

The other day, we had some company. A mother came with her three young children to talk about home schooling. While we sat on the school room floor looking at books and catalogues, the kids played in the basement playroom. Brianna was ironing in the laundry room when 5 year old Cal came in. Their conversation went like this.

Cal: What's that?

BTW: A washing machine

Cal: Why does it have clothes in it if it's not running?

BTW: We have to move them to the dryer.

Without saying another word, Cal then proceeds to open the dryer and put all the clothes into a basket. Next, he opens the washer and moves the wet laundry to the dryer. He then turns around and goes back to the playroom.

Do you think they will get suspicious if I make regular playdates on Monday? And do you think his mom might think I was out of line if I asked her to teach him to fold and iron? If only all our company were so helpful.

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