April 18, 2009

Lizards, Lemonade and Laundry

On a sad note. Our lizard is dying. I know this is riduculous and silly but it has been dragging me down for two days. It is just a little critter and they exterminate for the things in most parts of the country. This one is special to us, though. We gave it to Aedan last year on his birthday...which happens to be today. He named the couple Flo and Ramone after 2 of his favorite Cars characters. On Wednesday, one of the rocks they climb on somehow fell and trapped Flo. Causing injury to her head. She has a weepy bloody spot between her eyes. At first, we thought she was dead. Please, don't think we are nuts for immediately praying for her. But we did, and she actually moved a little. She is very lethargic and unresponsive, though. I fear it is just a matter of time before she goes. That is part of life and having pets and growing up and all. I just would like for it not to be on his birthday. You know what I mean? If you could spare a little prayer for one of the least of His creations...I would be grateful on behalf of a six year old boy and his unstable mother.

On the brighter side...That is Elisabeth's sweet little fat hand. It is the only fat thing on her. When she was born her hands and feet were photographed and hung in our hallway. To the tune of $100. My husband thought I was nuts when I suggested it and then he showed up with the framed piece for my birthday. She has grown and changed so much in the last 18 months but not her hands...I still think they are adorable.

This is Brianna giving Ellie a piggyback ride. I was so impressed with myself that I actually caught both of their expressions. Last October we were at a picnic when the kids spilled a cup of lemonade in my camera. Amazingly enough it still works. The only catch is the buttons are so sticky that sometimes it won't turn on. When you try to zoom in or out it keeps going all the way in whichever mode you started to go. So, either it is all the way zoomed out or in. Before our trip Allen suprised me with a new one. I love that it is so tiny I can keep it right in my purse all the time and start taking pictures while the kids eat their lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Thank God for lemonade, eh? I am finally starting to figure out the features so this last week I took a bunch of snapshots.

This is Nathaniel and Aedan sharing a milkshake at Chick-fil-A.

Kaitlin hanging laundry on the clothesline on the first Spring day. Isn't she stunning? And don't you love clothes fresh off the line? Now that shouts, "Spring is here."

Elisabeth climbing the stairs to our attic. She got to wear her dress her Uncle an Auntie sent her from Italy for Christmas.

I took this one when I was on hold with the passport office. (And about 30 others). This is the door between Samuel's room, where she loves to play, and Allen's office. She is a big time Daddy's girl and can not stand when he isn't paying attention to her. When we put the glass door in the location it made so much sense. I could watch Samuel play while teaching the children in the school room. Now it is torture for Elisabeth to stand and stare at Allen through the glass and know that he won't come and play with her. She has figured out how to push on it just right so she can get in to him.

This is Elisabeth and her friend Ella. Elisabeth is 2 weeks older than Ella and they had so much fun playing together. Elisabeth was showing off her walking ability.
Well, I am going to head out to the yard to join in the fun. Laying stones, builidng steps, mixing soil, spreading mulch and planting flower bulbs. Life doesn't get much better than that! Yes, I will be putting on my flip flops and buried in my garden for the rest of the day. Oh, how I love spring!!

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  1. I didn't make it here yesterday, I really hope the lizard made it through the day! We definitely pray for our animals around here. His eye is on the sparrow, right?! It helps that I love all creatures great and small! I have even been known to save bugs and usually have a pet spider or two in the window sills through the summer. Your children are so precious! The pic's are really great! My boy had blond curls until after his first hair cut. Your Aedon's make me miss them...now we are dealing with the worst case of cowlick's you can imagine.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!