April 22, 2009

The Spice of Life

You want to know why there is a picture of my spice rack don't you? Hint: It is not because I am an Italian who loves to spice life up a bit...although, that is true. I didn't get the name Chili Pepper for nothing, you know. Wink. (Actually, that isn't how I got my name either. I promise one day I'll tell you the story.) Go to this page to find out. http://yewnorkbabe.blogspot.com/ My spice cupboard used to be a jumble of jars and packages until my husband gave this to me for my birthday many years ago. When we moved to this house there was no place to hang it. I found it sits beautifully under my upper cabinet and is really handy there.

The girls, who inherited my sickness of needing to keep everything organized, alphabetize it periodically.

Oh, and you noticed the missing Cardamon lid, huh? My five year old was making us breakfast in bed a few Sundays ago. He took a slice of bread and topped it with Provolone cheese and pepperoni leftover from Friday Pizza night. Then he sprinkled it with Cardamon (don't ask me) and put it in the toaster oven since that is the only appliance he is allowed to use without supervision. The lid to the Cardamon fell under the stove, though, and no one has taken the initiative to pull it out and recover the lid.

And why do we have two jars of fennel seed?? I couldn't tell you. If you have an idea leave me a comment! Don't forget to put up your pics and let me now that you've posted them so I can check them out.


  1. I love this! Alphabetized too? And all this with 7 children? You are an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing and playing along.

  2. Very Nice! This is a very pretty set. That is exactly the kind of b'day present I would enjoy.

    I can't imagine on your fennel mystery?!

  3. Maybe the fennel was on sale one week? Or maybe your son will try to put in on something tomorrow =)

    To use the 52 Weeks button you will need to highlight that code directly below my button on the right hand side of the blog. Copy that code. Now, when you go to make a new blog entry you are going to want to switch tabs from "Compose" to "Edit HTML". When you are in your HTML just paste that code there. Then go ahead and switch back to "compose" and finish you post as normal. good luck, let me know if I can help anymore.

    Looking forward to seeing your 52 weeks picture!

  4. I know why you have two jars of Fennel. When your spice cupboard was a jumble, you looked for fennel and didn't find it. So you bought more. And then when you moved from jumbled cupboard to spice rack, you found the missing fennel. I speak from experience!! ;)