April 26, 2009

The Twice Forgotten Rocket

Well, I've been trying to write this since Sunday evening...but Sunday I was packing my husband off for a week of meetings in Dallas.

And then on Monday, I spent the whole day studying for my final. The Lord was really with me. My teenage daughters are real prayer warriors and even during my exam, I could tell that they were praying for me at specific times. I was very calm and was able to think clearly.

I am a real perfectionist, and so one of the things I was praying about, since I realized I was roped into the test, was not to necessarily do well (although that would be nice) but for the Lord to give me the ability to be OK with not getting a perfect grade. My second prayer, as I mentioned was to not be nervous.

So, in addition to doing well, I was able to see God working in those small ways in my life...which is always a blessing!

The weather was amazing here over the weekend. We had a blast working in the yard...mowing, planting, mulching. During my studying breaks, I pruned my roses and hydrangea. My husband worked on building hard scape stairs and I spent some time getting the pool area cleaned up and ready for Memorial Day. After lunch, Sam took his nap in the grass while I sat under a tree to study.

A mouse had taken up resident in our towel shed. I HATE mice and was not thrilled at the idea of cleaning up behind him. Although, he was gone...among other "tidbits" he left a shredded towel for me. And to be honest, I was worried that he might jump out at me from under the piles of towels. I survived the ordeal. Ironically, Sunday evening when we got home there was a very plump mouse dead in our driveway. Paybacks?? In case you've not figured it out...we live in the country.

Since, the kids had worked so hard and because he was out of town last week and because he was going to be out of town this week...my hubby planned a day out for the family. After church and lunch we went to the park. There is a little background necessary for this story to have a lot of meaning.

We give our children 3 gifts on Christmas...in remembrance of the 3 gifts that Jesus was given by the Magi. Last Spring or Summer, Allen and Aedan were shopping when Aedan caught sight of a rocket.

He said, "Pa, I would like very much to have that rocket for Christmas."

Allen said, "Aedan, there is only one left and I can't buy it now because you would know I got it for you and then it won't be a surprise. There probably won't be anymore if I come back to get it another time."

At five Aedan has a good understanding of the value of selective memory. He said, "You can get it now and I will forget about it. I won't look in the buggy, Pa. That way it will be a surprise."

Allen is a big softy. I suppose he really wanted that rocket as much as his little five year old. So it came home and was hidden on the closet shelf all summer and into the fall. And everyone forgot about it.

In September, we were at Disney World, when Aedan saw a Buzz light year costume. He thought that was amazing. He had saved up some spending money for the trip but it was so expensive (I think it was around the $100 mark). I told him I would search Ebay for a suit when we got home.

In a minute you will see how it all has to do with going to the park on Sunday. So, we got home and as it turns out Disney was having a special on costumes and I was able to get one for around $20. But we were out of town for a month and by the time we got back he had forgotten about the costume. So, I decided to tuck it away for Christmas.

Later that month, I was cleaning out the summer clothes and putting out my husband's winter clothes, when I found the long forgotten rocket on Allen's closet shelf. Now, I was so excited. I added a set of walkie talkies and Aedan was going to have a space man themed gift on Christmas morning.

Move ahead to Christmas morning. Aedan woke with the flu. Burning up with fever. A cold sore so bad he couldn't eat a bite for almost a week. Headache. Body Aches. The whole bit. He got up with us and opened his gifts anyway.

He was so thrilled about the whole deal. He put on his space suit. It was too small. Well, not to be daunted. It was a very odd day for Christmas in Maryland...warm enough to be outdoors without sweaters or jackets...never mind the usual coats, hats and scarves. My good husband suggested we go across the way to an open field and fire off the rocket.

And set it off, we did. The first time it went up and came down perfectly. But, what do you think happens when you put three little boys and a Pa and U.F. together with a rocket? Yes, that's right. They sent it so high, it was lost forever. The whole family hunted and searched so far and so long that the sun set without us ever recovering it. We had a blast (no pun intended).

As we were getting ready for bed on Christmas night, Brianna asked Aedan if he'd had a good day.

He said, "Yes, but I am sick."

Brianna sweetly tried to encourage him, "But you got your cool Buzz Light year costume."

"But it doesn't fit."

Always the optimist she piped up, "That is a really neat rocket Pa gave you." Oops... I don't know who felt worse at that moment...Aedan or me.

Well, I ordered a replacement costume. And Samuel got to have the smaller one.

He put it on and the zipper broke! When all was said it took until Mid January for him to get a costume that he could use.

The rocket was a harder issue,still. No one sells rockets except during Christmas, or so the guy at Toys-R-Us claims. We at long last did find a hobby store that carried them. Just in time to wrap it for his birthdaylast week. It was really funny, too, because he was trying to guess what was in the funny shaped package. He had forgotten all about he gift he chose for himself. Not once, but twice! About a half way into his birthday he shouted with glee, "I bet that is my rocket!"

Last Sunday wasn't good rocket launching weather, though. And Pa had to be out of town last week. So, now you understand why going to the park to launch his rocket was such a big deal for everyone.

The weather was super clear and we had the nicest day.

I am not sure that you can tell here...but when this picture is blown up on my big screen, you can see the three boys are actually airborn all at the same time as they took off to get the rocket as it parachuted down.

We stopped at Brewster's for ice cream on the way home. We never go out for ice cream so it was a super special treat.

The boys get their ice cream cones turned upside down in a cup to prevent too much laundry pretreating. Notice Sam's cone is in his pocket? He wanted to eat the ice cream first before it melted.

Did you know kids under 40 inches get a free cone at Brewster's? I didn't. I ordered the boys each the smallest size because they never finish it and then found out they were all free!

Duh, we are so observant. That is KK standing right next to a sign that says so!

On the way home Sam and Ellie were so sleepy they went out, holding hands together. Or so I thought...turns out he was fake sleeping so he wouldn't have to take his nap when we got home. I think it is a cute picture anyway. Who knows, maybe I can employ some of that selective memory and in a few months we will forget that they were both awake afterall and it will be an adorable picture of sibling affection.


  1. So glad you had a fun day! I love the pic of the airborne boys. It really sums up how they were feeling. We do not have a Brewster's here, but, ice cream is always such a treat! Faking or not the pic of the siblings is so sweet...and I saw some of her famous bling. Thank you for sharing your precious family with us.

  2. That rocket sounds like the perfect thing for super boy fun! Love the pic. of the kids holding hands! Awake or asleep that is very sweet!