April 16, 2009

Wives and Ladies...Narrative by a five year old.

Today's entry is from a guest writer. Well, sort of. My five year old, Aedan, wrote this. I thought it was too cute not to share. What eloquent thoughts, if not words, our little ones have...if only we take the time to hear them. I am typing it exactly as he wrote it. You may have to strain a little to get the idea.

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Wives and Ladies

by Aedan Joel Wachter

Girls, and ladies, and womens, and wives are very nice. Even when you knock them over say "are you alright" and give them lots of candy. Because they are very nice. Even when there mean there nice. When there wrong their wright becuse there always nice and even when it's your birthday give them presents and when it's faters day and when it's your birthday. If your a kid give them presents cause there too nice and I love them. Really, really nice. So you should give them presents every day becuse there nice and do the hardest chores.