May 29, 2009

knowing me knowing you may 09

Heather Kay, at Beauty From Ashes, challenged us to this interview a bit ago. I've had toomany things to write about and no time to write lately so here it goes a little late.

1. Do you and your significant other go to bed at the same time?

Yes. If my husband is in town we all but maybe one night a year go to bed at the same time. As a matter of fact, I have gotten so used to going to bed at the same time that I can't go to sleep if he is not in bed. I have mentioned that I am a creature of habit and I thrive on routine. We sleep all curled up together on my side of the bed. I have become so accustomed to our sleep habits that if he is reading or studying and doesn't lie down at the same time I do...I can't go to sleep.

2. Do you have any siblings?

Yes. My "big" brother will be 39 next week. I am 37. My baby sister is 35/soon to be 36. Our baby brother turned 30 last month. Plus, I have 2 step brothers. Jim is the same age as me and his older brother, Jon.

3. You're spending an evening with friends -- would you rather cook for them in your home or go out to a restaurant?

I almost never do this. Too much going on at home...and I hate to leave all the fun. My best friend is married to my husband's best friend. Sometimes, the four of us go to dinner and a movie together. Sometimes, we stay in and hang out with dinner and a video. I have always been a home body and mostly prefer being at home in my bare feet. Once in a while I enjoy dressing up and going out to be waited on. We have another couple that are close friends and when we get together with them we almost always go out to dinner or a show.

4. What's your can't miss TV show?

We don't have cable or satellite. I do like to watch old Dick Van Dyke, Leave it To Beaver, I Love Lucy, Newhart, Andy Griffith that sort of thing on DVD. We also enjoyed the Mad About You series years ago. Our family is currently watching Get Smart on DVD one episode at a time.

I have a big problem of not often staying awake to watch the end of anything.

5. Are you doing any spring cleaning?

I am finished as much Spring cleaning as I intend to do. I will work through the school room closet over the summer when the weather doesn't allow us to be outdoors. I don't clean my own house because of severe dust allergies and asthma. I do organize, though. I usually do my big bit in the weeks following Christmas holidays, when I am going crazy from being stuck inside so long. Then in the fall, the week we get back from vacation, before we start school for the year, I get what I missed or what needs redoing.

Jump on board. Give it try. Then leave me a comment so I know you did and I'll check it out so I can get to know you a little better.


  1. Hey! Thanks for all the comments you left today.
    This was a cute questionare...good for you going to bed at the same time as hubby all the time. I am usually running crazy at night getting stuff ready for the next day...but try to go at the same time.
    About the Mac...I have heard good things about them for pictures. My husband actually wanted to get me one for Mother's day but I said no because of the price and because my PC is still kicking...barely, but it is. Anyways, from what I hear they are better for photos and stuff, but I am scared to switch...hesitant i guess is a better word. We shall see.

  2. I love reading things like this. It helps us to get to know each other better.

    We are BIG Get Smart fans!! Got to love a man with a telephone shoe :-)

  3. Hey Chili Pepper. Hope you're doing well! These little questionnaires are so gr8. My husband usually goes to bed first. He wakes up to go to work at 4:30 in the a.m and works 12hrs. Poor thing. He's usually going to bed around 9:30. And I know it's bad, but Mason sleeps with us too. I know. Shame on us. So we don't get to spoon very much either. I miss that! Mason is three now. So, it's time he starts sleeping in his big boy bed. I thought I hit a break through with that the other night. He climbed in his little bed, pulled up the covers and asked me to read some bedtime stories to him. But that's as far as we got. The day will come. Hopefully soon. But then again, I'm gonna miss having him snuggle up to me. He spent the night with my sister the other night and it just didn't feel right not having him sleep next to us. One good thing though, was that I didn't wake up with little feet in my face. heheheh

    Ok. Enough about me. I wanted to let you know that there's a little shout out for you on the Five Moms Blog today.

    Have a beautiful weekend!