May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday 5-11-09

Today, I did not let my toddler, who is terrified of the bath, get in the tub fully clothed.

And when I was making pizza and dropped the cornmeal on the floor, I did not scoop enough up to coat the pans.

I am not blogging instead of studying for my final in two hours.

I did not buy all my side dishes for the Mother's day dinner I was hosting from the gourmet food counter in the grocery store.

I did not skip the Shred all weekend.

Nor did I dump all my daughters' summer clothes on the bedroom floor to sort through and leave them there so I could take a soak in the tub knowing full well there would be no time to get back to it and it will have to sit that way until tomorrow morning.

I did not agree to go to see Star Trek, which I HATE, with my parents and hubby after my test tonight.

The "Not Me Monday" was created by MckMama. To read more about her and her amazing son, Stellan check out her Blog My Charming Kids. To read more "Not Me Monday" or to play along click on the button above. Happy Monday!

1 comment :

  1. Great post!
    Loved the cornmeal part - we always use the 5 sec. rule in our house..LOL.

    They say the Star Trek movie is good even for those who aren't Trekies.. let us know how it goes.