May 28, 2009

Secrets to Surviving the Shred

I have a sweet friend named, Debbie. I don't think Debbie has ever been one pound over weight. She joined a gym a few years ago and was telling me about her workouts. When I asked her what prompted her she said this. "I have a friend who is wheelchair bound." (My note: I can't remember but I think she has MS). Debbie went on to say, "She would love to be able to get up and walk. Isn't it ungrateful toward God for me to not exercise and take care of the healthy body He has given me?"

So, for those who are dying to know... despite injured knees, sickness, missing birds, traveling husband, final exams, long weekends and lots of work to do in the garden... We are on Day 14 of the Shred with Jillian Michaels.

We have been doing level 2, which I personally think is more complicated, but not necessarily harder, than level 1. I expected to go into cardiac arrest after the way Level 1 took me out. I did break a sweat but didn't really have to work very hard and had none of the aches and pains following the start of Level 1. Tomorrow we will be starting Level 3.

Now that I have resolved my knee issues, I don't actually dread doing it so much. And it is a good workout. You can't beat the 20 minutes and you are done deal. I still try to squeeze in more cardio. Twenty minutes just isn't enough for me.

My dad, who is nearing 70 years old, has jumped on board. I don't know what day he is on but if he can do it...surely the rest of us can. In honesty, I should let you know that he does work out at an intense level at least 6 days a week. So he is extremely physically fit.

That being so, he still had the aches that myself and many others complained of for the first few days. He sent me a text after his first workout and said he'd survived and didn't even need to call 911...but it was touch and go for a while. Day 2 he sent me a text in the evening to let me know he'd managed to get through the day at work and was still walking but his thighs were killing him. I was glad to know that it wasn't my body trying to tell me I was old and in bad shape.

For all those diabetics out there... I have found that my blood sugar is better controlled with this workout than it has been in the last few months. Don't ask me why...I don't know the answer. I work out to keep my sugar in check almost every day and have had steady increases for a few months. Since starting the shred my numbers both fasting and those around my mealtimes have been almost perfect.

My dad, who is also diabetic, reported the same thing. I am going to have to check it out with my diabetes educator one of these days...but in the meantime if it works...hey! I'll do it.

As I mentioned, I think Jillian is rather annoying. I found I enjoy my workout much more if I mute her and put my ear buds in. KK actually was messing around with the DVD and discovered that if you go to the language menu, there is an option to mute her and just have the music playing.

Jen T has jumped on board and is on Day 5. I am so proud of her for working it in even with 9 kids to home school and a garden to work in. Good health doesn't come easy but it sure is worth it.

I would love for those who are joining in to leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing.


  1. Thanks for mentioning me. *big grin*
    Hey my mom is diabetic (one of the reasons I'm trying to lose weight - a few people in my family are diabetic) and I'll tell her about it. She's pretty busy too and she's already on a diet. She's lost 21 lbs by following a diet and taking a vitamin b shot every Saturday at her docs. She says she's got more energy than she's had in a long time. I'm so happy for her. I just wish she didn't have to fret about the diabetes.

  2. I am on day 37 of the Making the Cut book with Jillian Micheals. It is HARD CORE work outs for people who are already in Shape...(I say shape loosely.) I am losing inches in not TONS of areas but I am also on Chromium Picolanate which regulates your blood sugar. Just thought I would mention it because it has really helped me feel better, I am NOT diabetic but my father is, so I watch it closely!!!!

    Keep going. Her workouts are great...of course, I am on the book so I don't have to hear her voice !!!LOL

  3. You've inspired me... my first attempt at the 30 day shred lasted... well... 1 day. I'll try again! :)

  4. That is awesome! Your dad rocks and I can't believe he texts too. I've fallen off the shred train and with summer approaching, finding it hard to find time. I know It's only 20 minutes but I seem to find something else to do. Keep it up!

  5. Thank you for sharing about muting Jillian. I get tired of hearing the same thing over and over so I might just try the music. Yesterday was my Day 2 or 3 on Level 2(I can't even remember) and it's all coming back to me as to how uncoordinated I am. Level 1 kicked my tail and I was sore for about 3 days. I haven't been sore with Level 2 except in my shoulders but I have been sweating buckets!!