May 12, 2009

Star Trek

Mikki asked me to let you all know about the movie last night. So here it is. Violent. Graphic. Nerve wracking. The story itself was fascinating and intriguing. The writers did a good job of weaving the old story line and characters in with the new. Leonard Nimoy, the Spock of our early years, even made an appearance. A believable enough substitute for each of the original crew was cast.

But, it was so needlessly and overtly violent. After a few minutes, I was queasy and had to give up trying to eat my popcorn. Which is a shame becasue I've not had popcorn with butter on it for at least six months! My mother and I both found ourselves gasping over and over. My husband who is a Star Trek fan since the beginning and can enlighten you about all the characters in all the movies and television series, admitted it was too violent for his taste, as well. While my dad found nothing wrong with it, dear mom and I left tense and anxious. The show let out around midnight and I was still unable to go to sleep even at 2 am.

I would definitely not let my other children see it and at times was sorry we'd brought our 17 year old with us. However, if violence does not bother you go see it. As I said, the story was well thought out and the characters instantly endearing. Unlike many of the sci-fi movies, I was able to understand what was happening.

One last note in favor of Star Trek: I got my money worth. It has been a long time since I didn't doze off during a movie and at midnight to boot.

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