May 19, 2009

Sunny Side Up

I am a creature of habit. I suppose it came from the lack of routine and habit when I was growing up. Any deviation from the normal (which in itself has become normal) throws me for a loop.

I really hate the idea of change. Once change occurs, I usually embrace it with excitement and joy. But, the before part...the thinking about it part...the working up to it part...has always been difficult for me.

For example, Saturday night, my hubby and I went on a date. Besides a delicious dinner, we went shopping for a new comforter. The one I searched high and low for 5 years ago, which was perfect for our master bedroom, is literally full of holes. What were little snags just a few months ago, have grown to rather large tears under the strain of 3 little boys pulling themselves up onto the bed each morning.

Now, I have been half heartedly looking here and there for a new comforter or quilt for a couple of months now, but the truth is what I was really looking for was the same one..only new. I couldn't find even something similar and so the reality of the need to move on was quite clear.

It was in fact on a whim that I suggested we do some looking since we were going out to dinner anyway. I didn't actually expect to put more than ten minutes effort into it and certainly didn't think we would find anything I liked.

We actually, did find three options in the first and only store we went to Saturday night. While we stood there debating back and forth over the merits of each set, I almost threw in the towel and suggested we leave with nothing.

But then, the only thing I hate more than change kicked in. My loathe for shopping. And I said to my husband, "They are all nice. Pick whichever you like."

When we got home and made up the bed, I didn't like it in the least way. Sunday morning, when we made up the bed, I still didn't like it. Sunday afternoon, when we came home from church, I still didn't like it.

Everyone else does. And, I do grudgingly admit it is a very nice looking bit of linen. The style is well suited to our bedroom. The colors are some of my favorite in neutral shades of brown, gold and salmon. If I am being completely transparent, I must say, my objection is probably more related to my resistance to change than whether or not it matches my bedroom.

Undoubtedly, my propensity for routine stems from my inability to greet change with open arms. And I think it is rubbing off on my kids.

I am allergic to egg yolks and it would be time consuming to cook eggs to special order for everyone. Therefore, I make eggs fried or hard boiled. That way I can cut around the yolk and eat the white part. I didn't realize how infrequently I cooked eggs differently, though until last week.

I was frying eggs for breakfast. I picked up one on the spatula to put it on Sam's plate and it slipped and hit the griddle upside down. I picked it up, put it on his plate and someone delivered his plate to the table.

As we were finishing up breakfast, Samuel asked if he could go outside to play. I glanced at his plate and noticed he had not eaten much. Eggs are one of the few foods we don't have to argue with him to eat. So, I picked the egg and told him he could go outside after he finished eating it.

A few minutes later, Samuel said he was full and could he go outside to play now. I looked at his plate, again, and found he still had not eaten anything. I told him that I already said he could go outside after he ate his egg.

He looked at his plate with a very confused expression. Then he looked at me and asked in his most puzzled voice, "What egg?"

I've been serving his eggs sunny side up so often that the kid didn't even recognize that over easy egg as the product of a chicken's hard work!

I said, the thing on your plate! Pointing now... "That egg."

Aedan, was now getting into the topic. He reached over to Sam's plate and poked his fork into the yolk and said, "See, Sam, it has a dippy part. That's an egg."

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