May 26, 2009

There is Something About Sisters...

I don't know what it is exactly...but there is something about sisters that connects our hearts in a way that they can never be connected to anyone else. I love my husband dearly and we definitely share a special connection. Over the years we've come to know each other so well that at times it seems as if we can read each other's minds.

But he still doesn't instinctively read my heart like my sister can. He does know me very well and he can study what is going on with me and get a good idea of what my heart is feeling. But, it is a learned and practiced thing not a natural instinct, as it is with my sister.

My one and only sister lives in Italy. We talk every few weeks and email as time allows. It is never as often as we like and yet when we are on the phone it is like we are in the same room and have never been separated.

While there are many loved ones who come and go at different times and places, none take so much of my heart with them each time they leave as does my sister. I have never known such heartbreak as the times we have been separated by time, distance and circumstance... even though, I have known much loss and hardship at different times in my life.

And one of the amazing things about sisters is that even during these long times of separation and even though our lives have had very separate and different courses for the last twenty years, there are countless times when our lives parallel each other in unusual but comforting ways.

My sister and I were able to share an hour and a half on the phone yesterday morning. Despite my husband's long weekend and the great weather and lots of good times in the gardens, I spent most of the weekend and in a very melancholy state.

One of my sweet birds, Art, went missing Friday. You can read about him in my very first post. I know it sounds absurd...but I couldn't get it off my mind. In fact, I am not a person easily driven to tears, but I spent a good deal of the weekend bursting out in tears at odd moments. To make matters worse, the mate he left behind, Chili Pepper, spent a great deal of time mourning for him. The sound is like nothing I can explain, except that it is terribly sad.

Every time, I walked through the living room and saw her alone in the cage, I would choke up again. I told myself repeatedly to get a hold of myself because they are just birds, but it was really no use. And then I would think about how he was probably dead (parakeets have no ability to survive in the wild outside of their natural habitats, think Australia) or frightened terribly by the things he doesn't know. (Parakeets also are very fearful of any change). And I would start crying again.

And then I would think about the night my hubby gave them to me (for our anniversary) and my brother delivering them, getting down on his knee to sing an anniversary wish and I would cry some more.

But after all, they aren't people with souls...and gee why would I cry about birds. A short while ago, when my son lost his lizard I counted all the sadness to my children's' loss...but this was all mine. I felt like a child as I prayed, "Lord, who loves the sparrows, please bring my bird home."

And then I spoke to my sister. And I told her all that had transpired. And she instantly understood. And then she recounted what had happened to her on Friday, the day my bird disappeared.

Ben, that's my brother-in-law commented on a bird that was very tame. He told Di, that's my sis, how the little fellow hadn't moved at all when approached. Di, looked at the bird and told Ben that he was hurt if he wasn't flying away. They went to the house to fetch him a dish of water. He was too weak to drink from it so they were feeding him from their fingers. He eagerly drank. After a time, they went to the house to search for an eye dropper. When they returned he was dead.

Di, also, not easily moved to tears, spent much time crying over the loss of this bird. It seems like an ordinary story. The extraordinary part is how God worked it out, so that even across an ocean to another continent, my sister could share in my sorrow and be a comfort to me.

And isn't that it. There is just something special about sisters.

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  1. What a beautiful post. Sisters are amazing and you are truly blessed to have one so close to your heart!

    Thank you also for your kind words of encouragement.