May 18, 2009

What I Really Think of the Shred

Jillian is a communist. Well, not really. But in all honesty and sincerity, I declare her to be the most annoying of all the exercise gurus I have encountered in my twenty years of exercise in the quest for health and fitness.

It is a good workout. If you live to see the benefits.

To recap...after Day 1 every muscle in my body ached. This sentiment was echoed by Allen and the girls. For each step taken in this house you could hear someone whisper, "Ouch" under their breath. At night, someone would roll over in bed and actually moan!

This had the potential to be a disaster, considering the slow pace at which we moved for several days. I thank God that the weather was poor and the babies were confined to the indoors so that the number of quick reflexes required to keep them safe and out of trouble were kept to a minimum.

I was never so aware in my 17 years of diaper changing and baby feeding how often I am required to lift my arms up in front of me...Ouch!

Day 2 was rather the same.

By Day 3 the pain was starting to subside. We even rewarded ourselves for continuing in the daily workouts despite the pain, by doing Richard Simmons "Sweatin' to the Oldies" afterward.

Day 4 was a little more encouraging. We even watched level 2 after our workout...which was frightening.

By Day 5 I was back to my old self and jumped into the workout with enthusiasm that I hadn't felt since Day 1.

Day 6, my right knee was swollen up like a grapefruit. I worked out anyway.

Day 7, my husband returned from his trip and forbid me to work out until the swelling subsided. I walked a few miles instead.

I finally got well enough to do Day 8 after which I had to pull out the Advil for both knees were aching and swollen!

14 days out...I've completed only 8 workouts...gained 2 pounds...and have yet to see those abs I was promised. As a matter of fact the biggest thing I've seen is that I am no longer as young as I would like to be. Thanks Jillian...I was hoping for a little disillusionment in my life this week.

Just the same I took a couple of Advil with my apple for lunch and will be jumping in with workout 9 this afternoon.

And in all fairness, I must tell you my hubby is doing well and Brianna LOVES Jillian and the Shred. Brianna hounds me all day long about when we are going to workout.

A few of you let me know that you were joining me. Leave me a note and tell me how you are coming along.


  1. Oh no!! Sorry to hear you have not had the best Shred experience! If it makes you feel any better, muscle really does weigh more than fat!!! I'm starting the Shred later today so I'm sure I'll be right there with you on the Advil in a few hours!

  2. Oh you poor thing. I know it's so hard to find the right work out.
    I'm loving my Cardi Workout on the Wii Fit but sometimes I really need to make myself do it.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Oh yea, I forgot to answer some of your questions before..

    We used to live off of Braddock Road in Mt. Airy - off of 27 near 26. My DH and I were both born and raised in Olney and moved to Mt. Airy when our girls were little. It's a great town...

  3. I was starting to see some progress on day 8, then I left for my trip. I have now been off 5 days and I am scared of starting all over again. I am going to do it today though. Thank you so much for your prayers this last week!

  4. Well I started it too. I did day 5 this morning. Not so sore anymore. I hope this works!