June 6, 2009

Confessions of a Shoe Addict

Happy rainy Friday. Believe it or not... Like it or not... It is raining here... Again... Still...

And... I don't need to go to any appointments. I don't need to take anyone anywhere. My hubby is working from home. As a matter of fact... I am still in my nightgown. And I am proud of it. My to do list for today looks like this...

  1. Make bagels with kids.
  2. Read aloud to kids.
  3. Shred (that one always keeps popping up)
  4. Wash my hair.
  5. Go to the movies compliments of grandparents.
  6. Have pizza at a local favorite place with kids and grandparents.
  7. Blog about shoes.

That is where you come in.

You see over at Five Moms and a Blog my new friend (I don't know if she knows this but we share the sister hood of shoes so we must be friends) Nan (and by the way does a name get much cuter than Nan?) wrote this post about her stunning bling shoes she bought, with matching bag, at a yard sale for $2. Yes, $2!

As I was sharing with her, in my experience, it is not buying the great shoes you don't need just because they are a great deal that kills you. NO! It is all the outfits you have to buy afterwards, whether they are a great deal or not, because they match your shoes. I have cost my husband A LOT of money this way over the years.

I hate shopping. I have never been able to understand why my dear sister and beloved friends, giving the option, would chose shopping as a fun activity. I'd sooner go to the dentist. I do almost all of our shopping on line and have been known to put off grocery shopping until there is nothing but soup bones in the freezer.

But shoes...that is another story. They are an art form. And they don't make you look fat. You don't need to get naked to try them on. You won't have to exercise to work it off later. They don't kill the budget. My dear friends, there are few things more pleasant than finding a great pair of shoes and sliding my toes into them.

Now, I never liked Barbie when I was a kid. Every Christmas my Grandmother would give me another. I never was good at make believe play. And didn't really see the point. It was so hard to get the clothes on and off of that little doll. I much preferred my Mandy doll.

But I LOVED Barbie's shoes. So, imagine my delight a few years ago, when Barbie shoes came into fashion. The piece de resistance, though were these red and white gingham...ooh La La.

(My best friend just returned from a week in France and she brought me this great parfume... so I am brushing up on my five years of language study from school.)

When I mentioned these shoes to Nan she requested I share them with some of the outfits I have bought to go with. So here you are.

When I saw these at Target, I didn't hesitate a moment before snatching them up and taking them home. I lovingly tucked them into my shoe bag hanging on my closet door. Check out the bows over the toe.

Then I realized I didn't own one outfit to go with them. As a matter of fact I didn't own anything red. That prompted the purchase of this great red and white gingham top which looks great with a white denim skirt or denim capris.

This spring while shopping for outfits for our trip to St. Kitts, I came across these great 40's vintage looking capris at Kohl's which when paired up with this white eyelet top and red hooded jacket makes a very patriotic outfit. (And yes, it is wrinkled, because I pulled it out of the dirty laundry just for you.)

And since I am fessing up, I might as well tell you about the green high heeled sandals, too. Because of my habit of buying shoes that match nothing, I thought I was doing good when I bought this evening gown for my husband's award gala and had to find shoes to match it instead.

Except that I searched high and low and couldn't find any that were just what I was looking for. Until, I happened upon these at, of all places, Target.

I could not believe how comfortable they were either. I wore them all night and felt like I had bare feet. In fact, I decided I had to have more outfits to go with them. How often do you find a pair of heels that look cute and are comfortable??? That's when I got this dress.

And I already had this shirt that would be cute paired with some denim Capris.

Just when I thought I was done shopping, my husband hands me a coupon and says, "Christopher and Banks is having a sale and it is raining today so why don't you take this coupon and go buy something." I had just bought and entire new wardrobe for our trip and didn't need anything. And I HATE shopping. But he insisted. "It's a really good coupon." He eggs me on. Oh, Gee...how can anyone resist that? And so I bought this.

And while I have your attention...I will tell you about my favorite flip flops. I generally don't wear flip flops. That little thing between the toes...it wears on my nerves. And flip flops are intended for wearing on the beach and by the pool so I have major problems with people wearing them in public.

And allow me to go on for a moment about crocs and how they were intended for GARDENING, not as a fashion statement. Come on they are made out of PLASTIC. But...one morning when I was at the gym and one of my work out buddies was wearing this pair of Croc flip flops that have a strap across the foot instead of those things between the toes... I was intrigued.

The she told me to try them on because they were so comfortable...they really were. And I always end up ruining my sandals wearing them down to our pool...well, I just had to check them out. I about choked when I found out they were $40...for PLASTIC. But did I mention they were in my favorite colors, too?

And that is the sad tale of how I came to own a pair of plastic crocs that cost $40 and that I wear to the gym...and the pool...and YIKES! in public places like home depot and Walmart. Because they really are so comfortable.

And just for fun...because it is Friday, here is a picture of my current favorite wedge sandals...which fortunately, I have lots of stuff to go with.


  1. You are too funny. My mom has a shoe fedish. I have alot of shoes, but there are only a few pairs that i adore. My colors are black and brown typically, so everything goes with those. I am not a color person too much. But in the summer Old Navy flip flops are in every color in my closet. I live in them.
    Cute clothes BTW.

  2. Hey Chili. Just a quick little note to tell you I've left a comment on your bloggy post story. I'll come back to read this one when I get a chance. I'm off to pick up my little guy from my sister's house. She was so sweet to let him spend the night so that we could go out for our 8th anniversary. I'll be back soon.


  3. Okay, so you're right.... your sidebar works with OTHER posts but not this one?! How strange!!! Did you play around with the settings on anything? I've honestly NEVER seen this happen before. You may want to try doing another 'test' post and see if they work with that one. Then you can go right back and delete it. If they do work with that one, you could start a new post, copy and paste the entire content of this latest post into a new one, try submitting again, and see if it works.

    Posted by E @ Scottsville to Art's Chili at June 6, 2009 10:45 AM

  4. Awwww, you're so sweet to do this for me (and thanks for the linky love!).

    I have to say that I loved all the shoes (sole-sister, lol!) and the matching outfits are adorable.

    I don't like shopping much either, except Costco....Costco doesn't count. Also, I have never had my hubby hand me a coupon and tell me to go shopping either, lucky you!

    However, I am still traumatized over the fact that you never even owned a red item of clothing until the shoes....but glad to see that you overcame your weakness! I love red....sigh!

    Posted by momstheword to Art's Chili at June 6, 2009 1:13 PM

  5. I am positively in love with those red and white shoes! I've got a blue and white pair that are very similar and I wear them everywhere, whether they match or not :)

  6. Oh my goodness, I love your clothes! The shoes are great too, but I have a really hard time getting comfy shoes.

    I also dislike shopping. I used to like it when I had money, those were the days.

    I saw in your profile that you like Ball Room dancing. That sounds very fun. I like to watch it. The dresses are beautiful!

    Anyway, I a am a friend of Nan's. My name is Nannette. I am called Nan by friends, but since Nan & I go to the same church & she was there first, I let her be Nan.

    I'll be following you. Have fun with your beautiful kids this summer.

  7. Really enjoyed your shoe/clothes post! I don't like shopping much either. I used to like to buy shoes...until my feet hurt all the time. It's slowed me down :(