June 7, 2009

Don't Put a Purse on the Baby's Head

And not on yours either!

This is part of a series that includes the weird things that pop out of my mouth as a mother...that I never thought I'd hear myself say. To read more, click here.


  1. That is too funny. I went back and read your post about you becoming a vegetarian when you were really young, then having 3 daughters who loved healthy eating to the chocolate milk on the puffed rice. The things we sometimes say and the wacky stuff we do just has to make you laugh when you think about it.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. I crack up when crazy stuff like that comes out of my mouth. Those pictures are too cute.

  3. Aedan gets it from Pa. Just the night before this pic was taken, remember Pa had the TI bag on his head.?

  4. Okay, so I think I need that purse! I'm loving the big "E" on it!!!! =0)