June 19, 2009

Elisabeth Claire is 18 Months Old!

In case I have failed to post enough pictures of Elisabeth, here are a few to commemorate her turning 18 months on June 13th. At her check up she measured 30 inches long and weighed in at 20 pounds...which happens to be HUGE for her. But, I saw this baby at the library who is 7 months old and weighs 24 pounds...so, I guess she is still really just a light weight.

She is such a pill right now. As I mentioned, she LOVES her big sister Emma Rose and can be heard many times throughout the day calling for her attention. I might add that the feeling is mutual. Emma treats Ellie like a baby doll (and when her best buddy comes to play the two opt to dress Ellie and do her hair instead of playing dolls). In the mornings it is not unusual for me to go get Elisabeth out of bed and she and Emma are already dressed in matching outfits and having a tea party in the bedroom they share.

Ellie has quite a vocabulary but rarely needs to use it since her brothers and sisters are always racing to see who can give her what she wants before she asks for it. She has learned that the duck says "AFLAC" and is working on the cow says, "Eat more chicken." And this is the plight of a child who is 7th born. I think she may end up needing therapy, but it is fun along the way.

As I have mentioned before she LOVES bling. As a matter of fact one of her very first words was "Bling." And that is what happens after your Mother has three sons in a row.

Elisabeth likes to help. She can often be found sitting on the kitchen counter, as I work, stirring up a mess. She will, also, carry a tea towel around wiping at anything she comes in contact with.

My greatest accomplishment in her training, so far, has been to get her to overcome her fear for the bathtub. She now loves the bath, after more than a year of crying through every washing.

It is interesting, that in all her girlishness, she doesn't mind getting into the boys' playthings and getting dirty. That is what happens when you are the baby with three older brothers.

She, also, loves the sand box and swing and prefers to be outdoors like her Mama.

It was slow in coming, but Elisabeth finally found her appetite. Unfortunately, it is mostly for carbs. Her favorite foods are rice cakes, scooters, oatmeal, bread and french fries.

And, yes, that is my daughter eating a doughnut. A home made doughnut. But, yes, a doughnut just the same.

Which brings me to her french fry addiction. None of my kids were allowed to eat french fries until they were at least potty trained. But, we were at McDonald's a while back and Samuel was being so sweet and gave her one of his. Well, it has been a down hill slide in the healthy eating department ever since.

A few weeks ago, Emma and Elisabeth and I had a date at McDonald's. I got Ellie a parfait and apple juice. She ate the first bite, and loved it. Took the second, and liked that too. Took the third, and caught site of Emma's french fries. She refused to take another bite of her nice healthy parfait. In fact, she ate almost an entire large order of french fries all by herself! We were sitting by the window with the big golden arches painted on it. Every few minutes she would point at the "M" and say, "French Fries."

And it doesn't end there. Oh, no. I came home with a parfait in a bag last week and she saw the bag on the counter top and got so excited and started signing "please" and saying, "yum!" She about had a fit when she realized I had the nerve to bring that bag into the house with out some french fries for her. And that is what happens when you are the baby of a man addicted to fast food!

Elisabeth loves to sing and dance. She can often be heard in her bed singing as loud as her little voice will carry. During play time, in her high chair and even in the car seat, if music comes on she gets a huge grin and her arms and legs start flailing as she starts "dancing" along in a very unBaptist fashion. And that is what happens when you are the little sister of the Wachter girls who were blessed with the gift of song.

She loves hats, shoes and scarves, too. It is not uncommon for her to be carrying my shoes around the house and even trying to put her tiny feet into them and walk around. Sometimes, she insists on wearing her shoes with her pajamas. She knows where I keep my scarves and will gladly help herself. Although, she lacks the ability to discern what matches.

And, for those who know our tendency for nicknames, the current list of Elisabeth's nicknames goes something like this: Ellie, Ellie Mae, Muffin Moo, Moo Moo, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Moo Goo, Gai Pan, Scoot, Scoot Muffin, Eclaire, Scootee Girl, Aflac...and they go on but I can't think of anymore right now.

And as the mother of a sweet little girl, I love her little girl parts. Like these curls on the back of her head.

And these super cute toes.

And these pig tails, which I missed so much during our boy bearing years.

All in all, I think she has passed the test and we will keep her. She truly is a delight to her family and I can't imagine a time when she wasn't part of our world.


  1. Great post. She sounds a lot like my almost 2 year old. Only my little girl's favorite thing to say is "Shut!" (shut-up) unfortunately. She says it a lot to one of the mama chihuahuas that barks at everything.

  2. OMWord...she is precious. I loved every single one of those pictures. she is too cute for words.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my page and commenting, of course! Literally, half of my followers are either having computer issues or they are on vacation so my visitors/comments have been fewer than I've grown accustomed. Glad I popped over here...your little girl is darling. My little Andrew is almost 16.5 months so we are dealing with a lot of the same things. I love that she is so girly girly but loves to get dirty too. And, those curls....love them! Andrew has them and I just can't stop admiring the back of his head. I'm going to follow you if you don't mind and will be back again.

  4. Aww. I just want to reach in and squeeze those cheeks. She is so so precious!!

    Just wanted to pop in and wish you a beautiful weekend and thank you for always coming by and leaving such wonderful comments like the one about my DH and myself.. yes, it is true love.