June 15, 2009


Elisabeth found her voice. Well, she's had it a long time. But she has recently learned the power of her voice when combined with these two little syllables.


Emma may like to sleep in, but her room mate rises with the birds. And as the birds greet the new day with their song, so we hear Ellie trying to rouse the sleeping princess across the room with this happy little chant.


And Saturday when we were playing outdoors and Elisabeth heard the other kids laughing on the other side of the fence without her. She gathered all her effort to get the attention of her devoted sister.


And that is the sound I heard as I was entering the girls room before leaving for church this morning. Elisabeth was taking her morning nap as the rest of us dressed for service. I sent the others on to get in the car. Princess Ellie was not sleeping at all. In fact she had seen Emma get in the car without her and was waving wildly and calling out the window to get her attention.


Oh, and that was the sound I heard in the middle of the sermon this morning, when Elisabeth sitting at one end of the row upon her Pa's knee caught site of her buddy on the far other end of the row.


  1. We knew since they first met they would be best friends.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! How sweet is that?!

    I was sitting here saying it outloud when I realized I probably sound really stupid.

    Oh well. What's new, huh? =0) Afterall, I try to feel fake post-it notes off my monitor!

  3. Oh, what a precious picture! I love it! I'll bet your daughter loves hearing her name.

    When my youngest son was little he could't pronounce his older brother's name, so he called him "Bo" for brother, I guess.

    He was always calling him Bo. And he called his cousin "Guy." He couldn't say her name and everybody was a guy to him, so he'd call "Guy! Guy!"

    I love how kid's sometimes name their grandparents, and the name sticks.

  4. Hey, I've got my map all done... and I'm hopping in the car now! Be ready for me! (I wish!)

    {{ding dong}}

    "It's me! ERICA!!!"


  5. How cute! Sounds like big sister is okay with this. What a nice big sister.
    Take care

  6. Your little princesses are so cute and i love being there every day to see them grow in their love for each other as they grow in body.