June 12, 2009

Hammock Update

OK. At the request of several readers, I contacted my friend who gifted me the beautiful colorful hammock featured in my last post. I asked her if there was anyway my interested readers could purchase one for themselves. She said her niece, will be coming next week from Honduras to visit a sick Uncle here in the states. She is going to contact her for price information and was rather certain that her niece would be willing to bring hammocks with her for those who are interested in purchasing. If you would like to purchase one let me know by leaving a comment and I will find out about shipping expenses.

And by the way...you don't need huge trees to hang a hammock. Ours are only 12 inches in diameter. The more important issue is that your trees be 15 feet or more apart. And if you have no trees...fret not. You can buy a hammock stand that is easy to assemble with minimal cost. If your husband is handy, there is also the option of putting up 4x4 posts with concrete, as you would for a clothesline.


  1. I love hammocks, but we have nothing to connect it too!

    I've had problems visiting some people's blogs, it says trouble opening their site. But I just try again and it almost always works.

    You can still think of me as your age, but I am 51. Yup, that picture was 1974! But we'll just pretend I'm younger, lol!

  2. You guys did look quite comfy in the hammock. With the weather we're having I should get one for Fathers Day. It was so nice today & this evening.

    You don't need to order me one though. I'll find one around here. Thanks for the offer from your niece though.

    Stop by my blog and see what I did today.
    Love checking out your blog.
    More later.

  3. WOW!I am SO happy to see you are following my blog! Thank you!

    I love visiting your blog and seeing your lovely family.

    Thank you for your response to the “Internet Explorer Abort Operation” message. It would be nice if someone could figure out how to resolve it. I sometimes have trouble leaving comments, too, but I am very persistent and STUBBORN!

    Forties and Fifties fashions are Fabulous! I am glad you liked the post, and it’s great you can sew your own sensational styles. (Guess you can tell I’ve gone gaga on alliterations.) :)