June 20, 2009

How I Became a Bird Mama

6th Photo Tagged

I received this tag by my blogging friend Mikki at The View From My Beach Chair

The Rules:

1) Go to your photo files…Select the 6th photo folder
2) Select the 6th photo in that folder

3) Post that photo along with the story behind it.

4) Then challenge 5 blog friends to do the same!

But here is the deal, Mikki. My hubby got me a new computer in December and I don't have a lot of picture files on here because I can work directly from my card now. So, I took the fifth folder, because that is all I have. And then I took the sixth picture...which is my birds.

On the left is Chili Pepper and on the right is Art.

On May 22nd, Art disappeared. It is likely that he flew out the door unnoticed. As it was a beautiful day and we were all in and out working in the gardens and playing about. I miss him in a way that makes me laugh. I have always enjoyed pets in a home school mom way. Never have I been so heartbroken over the loss of one, that yet a month later I cry when I see him missing from the cage.

I am still searching for him, through bird networks (who would have known) and I have been told that they have been found weeks, months and even up to a year later. So I would be grateful for prayers that he is found and returned to me. And that he be protected in his absence.

Since this picture came up, I want to share the story that I told Kris, one of the volunteers at 911parrotalert.com , who helps to reconnect found birds with their owners through a world wide network. It is a story of love and romance and how I became a bird mama.

I love watching the birds in our yard…but I know nothing about them. My kids can name them and tell you all the specifics of all the birds but I just like them. One year my husband built a private deck off of our master bedroom so I would have a little quiet place for me and we would have a place to sit together in the evenings. This quickly became my favorite spot and I love to sit there with the Lord and a good cup of coffee.

A few years ago, I put several bird feeders near the deck, where I had a straight few out the door from my bed. On winter mornings, as the sun comes up, I can watch the birds come to feed. In the warmer weather, if I get to the deck early enough, I can see the hummers come to feed at a forth feeder, that is also visible out of our bathroom window.

For several years, the same hummers came back to feed and it was common for me to hear their wings as I was putting my makeup on. I got attached to them and my son named them. (The green one was called violet and the brown one towel. Don’t ask me. That’s what happens when you let a 3 year old name something.)

I am really allergic and asthmatic and so many types of animals are not allowed in our house, like cats and dogs. We do have a cat that wandered up 7 years ago and wouldn’t leave. We took her to be fixed and get her shots and she has lived in our yard ever since. We say she adopted us. But I had always had a house cat, before developing asthma, and really missed it. So, I have this love for birds and a want for a pet and started hinting that I would like to have a bird.

To understand the rest of the story we must go back now, many moons ago, to when my husband and I got married. Five days before Christmas. Because it was so close to the holidays, our anniversary and Christmas have always been kind of melded together.

The year we were married, my oh so romantic husband, counted down the 12 days til our wedding. On the 12th day before he brought me an electric heater for my really cold bathroom. On the 11th day was two vases…you get the idea. On the day of our wedding 12 red roses.

Over the years he has kept this tradition up, to really make our anniversary a special event. Sometimes the 4th day of our anniversary might be 2 pairs of socks with flamingos (because I LOVE flamingos) or day 8 might be 8 ounces of chocolate…another of my loves.

Well, this past year he was trying really hard to keep with the song. So on day 1 instead of a pear tree, I got a little Key Lime Tree. And because I’d been wanting birds, on day two I got my two parakeets. He knew of two that needed a home and made arrangements for my brother to bring them over that evening. He, my brother Frank, being the ham he is, got down on his knees with this little bird cage in hand and started singing to me…it was adorable. I get choked up remembering it now.

I named them Art and Chili Pepper because those are nick names that my hubby and I have for each other. And these two birds were so much in love with each other…if that is possible for a bird. They reminded me of the love we share. They were almost never apart. Two times he flew down the hall without her and it was pathetic. You can check out my first post here to read about it. They would cuddle together and act like they were kissing and even go up to sleep at the same time together every night snuggled up in the corner of their cage. So they reminded me of my hubby and I.

And that is how I became a bird mama.

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  1. Thank you for the tag, and for the beautiful picture and the story of your birdies! We once had an albino parakeet that my Mom called Pixie-Bell. (turned out it was a He! lol) He was her greatest pet, and he too disappeared one summer afternoon as we were in and out all day. Your bird-story has brought back a flood of memories... and I thank you!

  2. First...so sorry you lost one of your birds. I love birds, and I love when it is cool enough outside to leave windows open and listen to the different bird calls...love it!!

    I like tags like this...so I will try for sometime next week.

  3. What a neat story behind the picture. I used to have birds growing up. My brother has 5 now. All in seperate cages. Huge ones too. They love their birds.

  4. What a great story!! A bird mama, huh? Sweeet.

    Yes, the camera is lemonade proof. And iced tea proof. Making it an exceptional camera for a clumsy mama and her children. ;-)

  5. Love your story and sorry about Art leaving, but like you said they can be found and returned even years later.

    Mocha Momma...I picked it because I love Mochas

    Art's Chili Pepper...so that is two nicknames for you & your hubby. How cute. I didn't have a clue.
    I love that he bought you the two birds. He's very creative & thoughtfull with the 12 days thing. That would be hard to keep up. He's awesome!

    I've noticed there is another gal named Mocha Mamma 4 or something like that. And here I thought I was so original!

    Thank you for the tag. I've never participated in anything on blogs yet, so I'll work on that tomorrow or the next day.

    So your hubby fixes things too. It is really great. I appreciate it sooooo much that my hubby can fix things.

    Sorry for the scatter brained way I wrote my comments.
    Happy Father's Day!

  6. Oh my goodness, what a sweet story about your birds but how sad that Art is missing. Who knew there were bird networks out there! I sure hope he is found...our animals are just like our children, aren't they? I'm going to do this 6th photo challenge tomorrow. I haven't looked at which picture it will be...scary:-)

  7. Oh. What a sweet picture and even a sweeter story. Will say some prayers that he returns home one day :-)