June 21, 2009

"It takes a mighty good husband to be better than none."

And my hubby fits the bill.

In honor of Father's Day I wanted to share why I think he is an amazing husband. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, it would be that this super humorous and really cute guy, doesn't think I am silly.

And even if he does, he doesn't say it.

I wrote about my missing bird. This has been one way that God has reminded me of my husband's goodness.

He didn't think it was silly when I was sad over the disappearance of my bird. Really sad.

In fact, he didn't think I was silly when I cried every day for a week about my missing bird. Did I say cry? I meant sob. For a half hour at a time.

In fact, he held me each time and reminded me that God is looking out for Art and tried to show me a bright spot in his absence each time I broke down. Once, he told me how much more we notice the birds when they fly overhead.

In fact, when he had so much work to do, and so many more important things to do, he didn't go into his office to work. Instead, he put on his "big boots" and went out into the cold rain, with all the kids, and searched for my bird.

In fact, he didn't even mind me taking this picture of him.

And when the kids woke up that morning and I told them breakfast would be late because we were going bird hunting, he only laughed a little and pointed out that what I probably meant was bird searching

And when I was mourning my lost bird, and in searching all over the web for my little fellow I came across another bird in need of a foster home, my dear husband did not even blink before saying yes.

And then, after getting up before the sun, to drive 4 hours to Philadelphia, and then working all day, he offered to go even more out of his way to pick up, Cocoa, A BIRD and bring him home to me.

And he had to sit in traffic and didn't get home until almost ten o'clock at night. To bring me a little comfort and to give one of God's creatures a home.


  1. This is so sweet!! I loved seeing all the picture of Allen and the kids. The Snapple eye patch is... um... interesting. ;)

  2. Now that is a sweet sweet husband! Love all the picturs.

  3. How sweet that your hubby drops everything to look for Art.

    Great pix.
    Happy Father's Day to you all there.

    I will now try the 6th photo challenge.
    More later

  4. Oh yes, you'd better hang on to him. He is definitely a keeper.

    I have been away this weekend so I'm going to read about your missing bird and will do my 6th photo challenge for tomorrow's post!! Don't forget to drop by and see what I have to show.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I smiled the whole way through this. Your hubby sounds wonderful and patient! =0)

    Hope y'all had a Happy Father's Day with him!

  6. So you locked your little one in the car too, huh? Scarey moments are going to make us all go totally and completely gray before we ever hit 35! Oh wait, I'm already past 35! Oh well.

    Happy Monday!


  7. I love your latest CCD comment. My readers will just have to go read my "Five Moms" post today if they're confused! ha ha ha

    Brianna and Riley will be the death of we moms!!!

  8. What figure? I guess there's a figure 8 or and an hourglass figure... but I have neither. Oh wait...yea, I'm a STICK FIGURE!!! ha ha ha

    CCD - gotta love it!

  9. What a sweet man! And great pictures! I love the last one of a dad and his boy, both dressed in suits! Praise God for wonderful, loving husbands!