June 26, 2009

A Little Something for Everyone


You all were great with the towel hanging ideas. I decided to try a few bits of your ideas together. The hanging towels on the bedroom doors is a great idea except that that space is already filled with shoe bags. Here is a little bonus note for you. Those pockets don't just store shoes. In the little girls' room they hold bows, hairbrush, barrettes, hairbands and all the necessary things to keep a little girl looking adorable. In the boys' room those pockets hold all kinds of miscellaneous little boy stuff: chap stick, cars, comb, bow ties...you get the idea. In the big girls' room those pockets have held everything from shoes to makeup to belts to scarves over the years. And just because I am on the topic of great uses for shoe bag pockets... you can go back to that bathroom with no storage room. On the inside of the linen closet hangs a shoe bag filled with toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste, Q-tips, cotton balls, lotion and other bathroom necessities. It worked so well that I put one on the back of the other bathroom doors also. The uses for shoe bags are truly endless...sadly the number of doors in our house is.

Anyway, back to the towels. Let me clarify...because I am sure you are just dying to know. The duck as Carin guessed, is in fact supposed to be a towel hook. Some days a hand towel actually makes it there. To the left, somebody asked, is the linen closet door. The bathroom door when open covers the linen closet door. The only flaw with hanging hooks there is that is the only floor space left where we can put the training potty...which is getting ready to come out for Elisabeth. Bath towels there would pose a problem for obvious reasons.

What I ended up doing was having my husband drill through the ceramic tile in the tub to hang a towel rod there... which gave us room for two towels. When my household budget can afford it, I may head to Home Depot for one of those above the toilet racks that Erica mentioned. Then we decided to continue with the back of the door system for a little while using a little idea from Jen T. I assigned Nathaniel the responsibility to make sure the bathroom is kept tidy and that all towels are hung after showers and baths. If he closes the door and stands on the toilet he can reach the hooks pretty well by himself. To make sure he takes his job seriously, I told him there would be a nickle fine each time I found something out of place in there. So far, so good. In a week he hasn't lost one nickle. And the towels are neatly hanging on the hooks every Wednesday and Saturday night after baths.

Just Eat a Little Fruit

For various reasons, a number of people had questions about improving the diet of our families after my post on the Shred and a lot of rambling about diabetes. One of my favorite things to tell people when they ask for ways to eat better is to buy some custard cups. Or something similar. Enough for each member of your family to have one. You can get whatever suits your fancy just make it about 1 cup in size.

And then buy some fresh fruit. Start with your families favorites and add a new one each week to create a variety for a wide selection of nutrients. Then each time you put a meal on the table fill the bowl with fruit. These bowls will hold approximately one carb serving of most types of fruit. One apple, pear, orange or banana fits perfectly. One cup (which is one carb serving for diabetic exchange) of melon and berries fits perfect. Some fruits, like grapes, kiwi, pineapple or mango will be more than one carb serving but unless you are diabetic it doesn't matter. And if you are diabetic adjust the serving accordingly or count it in your meal plan. I love fruit so I will take the extra fruit serving and do away with my starchy vegetable or bread.

This little change brings big rewards whether you are trying to improve your eating or lose weight. You are getting a good thing with every meal. Most kids love fruit, even if they won't eat vegetables, so fruit is a good place to start when trying to add good to your diet. By adding good you will find that without even trying, you will eat less of the bad. With the one cup bowls all the guess work is taken out of serving size with no need for measuring, weighing or counting calories.

I think having the bowls is important because it is a visual when you start setting the table. You see the bowl there above you fork and fill it up first. We store ours right next to the dinner plates and the kids automatically set them out when they lay the table for a meal. This is not just helping us but also, teaching them good habits for the rest of their lives, too.

And by the way... they are great for limiting your dessert size, too. My hubby, who had a bad ice cream habit when we married, went from a cereal bowl full of ice cream each night to a little fruit bowl. That is a big reduction in fat and calories and he reports that he feels just as satisfied with the smaller serving.

Will you all let me know if you employ this idea and how it works for you? How about if I check back in a week or two?

An Invite
And this one is for your children. My daughters, spurred on my interest in blogging, have each started their own blogs. As the home school mom that I am... I wanted them to find a way to make it educational and productive and to encourage them in their writing and journaling.

What we came up with was this... Each week this summer they will each post at least one picture on their blog and journal about it. Then at the end of vacation they will be able to look back and see how incredibly fun it is here at the old Wachter estate... and they will be glad to resume school. Ha... I crack myself up. Just kidding. Everyone knows we are very fun people.

Now, the girls would like to invite your children to join in. If they have a blog of their own... post their picture starting this Monday, June 29th. The kids can then view each others during the week.

If you kids don't have their own blog, perhaps you would consider letting them start one. Or perhaps you will let them guest post on yours?

Now here is the little catch. For my husband's peace of mine, KK and Nana's blogs are by invite only. So, if your kids are interested leave me a comment or have your kids leave me a comment and we will get it set up so they can access the girls' pages.


  1. Don't you just love how the blogging world gives you ideas and how you can reach out to others for suggestions? You have some great ideas that you share!

  2. Oh, I just love the fruit cup idea!! Thanks! I'll be doing that one!

  3. You're full of great ideas!! Thanks.

    My mom used to bake bread and it smelled and tasted so good. I remember it was kind of holey so it was hard to take sandwiches to school with it. I imagine there is a way to make it without holes.

    I'll look for groceries and gas next. Have a fun weekend,

  4. Hmmm...the fruit cup idea would be to limit my kids on their fruit intake. They love any and all kinds. Fruit doesn't go bad in our house. The fruit flies leave hungry.

    Glad one of my ideas worked. Way to go, Nathaniel, keep up the good work! And I might borrow the nickel fine idea. :)

  5. Okay... just wanted you to know that you'll get to SEE my 'over the toilet towel holder' next Thursday. I'm doing a pictoral walk-thru through my house, so you'll get to know my home!

    Yes, it's already up and ready to post... and yes, I know that's almost a week away. Call me organized. Why next Thursday? Well, I have posts all in between now and then and that was the next available slot. ha ha ha

    Take care!