June 9, 2009

Strawberry Picking

The rain finally gave way to sunshine here on Saturday morning. Allen decided that we needed to celebrate by heading out to a local farm for our annual Spring strawberry picking. In an hour and a half we picked about 12 quarts.

We were rather disappointed at first because the berries were so small. The rainy weather and lack of sunshine this Spring really interfered with the development of the berries. We were pleasantly surprised when we were finished and started tasting those little red gems. They were incredibly sweet and juicy. Perfect for homemade shortcake with fresh whipped cream for dinner.

Before we left home, I sent the children to gather buckets for picking. I about died laughing when I saw Nathaniel placing his berries in his hard hat. Now that's a man's man, huh???

The kids thought playing with the wagons provided by Farmer Merle was as much fun as picking and eating the berries. This picture of my men hauling in the goodies warmed my mother's heart.


  1. I so wish we were able to pick strawberries! It would be so much fun and great to have all those berries! I am hoping we can pick some peaches here when they are ready. We have never been able to do anything like that before, so it would make some good memories! Hope you are having fun eating all those berries!

  2. What beautiful looking strawberries! I think we will be able to pick here when we get back from our cruise. I don't think they are ready yet.

    Looks like you had lots of fun. Will you can them and make jam?

  3. I love your pic's here. We do not have any strawberry farms nearby but we do have blueberries. My sister and I will start picking them next week. They will be good to pick through the first week of July here. YUM!!

  4. I love the pic of Pa and the Boys. It reminds me of a Norman Rockwell. The hard hat is almost as funny as the sink! We brought everything including the kitchen sink! ;)

  5. How fun!!! I remember strawberry picking when we lived up there!! Looks like you were able to get in quiet a harvest. Have fun with those yummies.

  6. Hello! I stumbled on your blog from Feels Like Chaos. I love your library tips. (Good thing I'm 27 so I can sign out lots of books:)

    Looks like you had a good strawberry haul. I am hoping to pick wild blueberries this year yum!

  7. Yummmmmy! I wish you lived nearby. I looove strawberry shortcake with whipped cream!

    Oh well, I guess I'll have to buy some and make my own....sigh.....

  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, you are SOOO making me hungry for strawberries!

    NOW - regarding YOUR...uh...many, many MANY comments. ha ha ha (which I loved by the way), my mom is only 62 - thus the reason she looks so much younger. =0)

    If you ever TOSS that coupon out, I'll have to come hunt you down! Goodness, just make my day and MAIL IT TO ME!!!! Seriously! I'll blog it if you do! ha ha ha

    Peace out and just for your hubby - BOO YAH!

  9. Well, you need to come on down to Texas and meet our creepy crawlys, enjoy the Texas twang, and chill Texas-style! =0)

    We'll be waitin' for ya!


  10. I am so jealous of all those strawberries. We are planning to go blueberry picking soon and I can't wait! Thanks for the toilet paper tooth pulling tip -- I'm trying it next time!!

  11. Seriously, three seconds and you were forgetting it already?!!! Wow! World record!!!! I usually forget something in one-tenth of a second. I bow to your memory, girl! Ummmm....what was I saying?

    ~ Nan