June 16, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Do you ever just have one of those days?? I've been having one of those months.

Take for example what happened this morning. We were getting everyone to shuffle out the door to the library where Brianna was volunteering for story time. At the same time I was trying to quickly fix Cole slaw, Thai salad and deviled eggs for the 20 guests we are hosting tonight to celebrate my nephew's graduation. I happened to be viewing a recipe on line and went to move a cup of coffee so it wouldn't get spilled on my laptop. And what did I do? I dropped the cup and spilled the coffee on my 6 month old Flamingo Pink computer!

My husband, fortunately, is working from home today and jumped to the rescue and typed the problem into Google. Don't you wonder how the world revolved without Google? Because a solution actually came up.

He thinks it will be alright (if the cream in it doesn't cause the keys to stick) but it has to sit for several days before I can use it. That means I am stuck using my daughters' computer. Which, is kind of like driving someone else's car. Don't you think?

And I have to go online to check email. Which quite frankly is weird. And do you all know how much I hate anything different in my life? If not read Sunny Side Up. Yes, I too have my neurosis.

Last night, after a harrowing trip to Sam's club for groceries that cost me 2 hours and the majority of my budget for this week and left me exhausted, my hubby and I sat down for a breather while the kids were playing in the yard.

No sooner had I put my weary self on the chair and taken a breath, when Nathaniel screamed, "Snake!" I jumped about 10 feet. Kids scattered everywhere running to get as far away as possible. Except for Samuel, who came running and said, "Where?"

There was likely a lot of yelling, but I was screaming so loud I couldn't hear it for certain. Snakes and I are just not friends. The worst thing about it? My dear husband searched high and low and poked and prodded but found no snake! Afterwards he asked for permission to write a post about what he thought was a humorous reaction on my part.

"All I will say is that it is quite a sight to see a grown woman run screaming away from the suggestion of a snake. It was just like you see in the movies except it appeared, to the bystander, to be in slow motion. At first, I actually thought she was pretending; until i saw her face!" comment by Allen R. Wachter

And if you think that is funny, sometime I will tell you about when my hubby broke his toe while wrestling with the kids!

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  1. How funny! See, I'd have been the one going "Where?" and approaching it. I've seen my fair share of Rattlesnakes and Copperheads. I've had to kill a few copperheads ON MY OWN when hubs wasn't around to save me. I just put on my 'big girl' panties and do it. Course I'm a tom-boy and I hold the snake if I know it's not a poisonous kind. I'm weird like that! "SUPER MOM!!!!" j/k

  2. Too funny that you thought there may be screaming but you weren't sure because of your own. Love it!

  3. oooh...snakes. I feel for ya'. I really do. *shudder* I get along fine with snakes - as long as they are either 1)dead or 2)500 miles away from me and going the other direction. The sad news is that my oldest wants one. SHE likes all animals with an unusual fascination for all things reptilian.

  4. That's funny Chili!!! I hate snakes whether they're poisonous or not! I think I would've jumped up on the roof!

  5. LOL. Sounds like a crazy day in your home!!

    I've had days like that, but lately we have been in a summer slump.. it's hot and sticky and we aren't moving much down here.


  6. That would totally have been me and so I can laugh right with you. I hate snakes too.