June 17, 2009

Weird Things We Do For Blogging

Since I've started blogging, it is not unusual to hear someone asking the question..."Why are you taking a picture of a suitcase, hammock, spice rack (fill in the blank)?"

Actually, it is only a small addition to some of the craziness that goes on in my house. I have broken the kids in well. As a scrapbooker, they are used to me making them hold poses for forever until I get just the shot I would like.

They have become accustomed to pictures of inanimate objects, dead pets, passports, signs and all the other things that have added clarification and meaning to my pages over the years. Blogging has only taken it a step higher in the weirdness scale.

The other week, I was leaving a comment on someone else's post, and to give a better understanding the size of our bathroom came into play. I was laying in bed typing when Brianna came into my bedroom to say goodnight. I didn't look up before I asked her to count the tiles on our bathroom floor.

And do you know what? She didn't bat an eyelash or even ask why before she did it.

Oh, why you ask?? The answer is very simple actually, our tiles are 1 square foot each, so I could quickly estimate the size of the bathroom that way.

Which brings me to the topic that brought the whole thing about to begin with. Jen T. was writing about how she gives each member of her family a different colored towel. As I was considering if that would solve our problem of never having a clean towel around...I had to first consider the cause of the problem.

I determined it was not because we didn't have enough towels, but because we have never had a place to store the towels once they are used. Our bathrooms are so small that there is no place to hang a towel rod. The bathroom measures about 25 square feet with a toilet and sink in there too. So after a towel is used, it ends up in the laundry for lack of a better place.

Over the years, I have tried different methods. The best was an over the door rack with hooks for robes or clothes. The failure in this is that the little guys can't reach up there.

I am posting some pictures of my bathroom and for this Works-For-Me-Wednesday I am soliciting your suggestions for towel storage.

After you leave your solution in the comment form, you can hop over to We are that family for more Works-For-Me-Wednesdays.


  1. Could you do the over-the-door for the bigger ones and then a small rack with knobs behind the door? Low enough for the youngers. I'm assuming that last picture is behind the door. They don't all have to be together. :) Also, we know a family with 7 children where they keep their towels hung on their bedroom doors with an over-the-door rack. Less clutter in the bathroom. But it would be a little more trouble to check on them. Maybe that could be an older child's chore; checking to see if the towels are in place after baths/showers. Hope this gives you some ideas.

  2. I'm not qualified to give you any advice, because my 12-year-old's towel is stored on her bedroom floor most days after her shower. It's beyond me how she would enjoy drying off the next day with a towel that's been on her floor and isn't fully dry, but I'm hoping that someday she'll figure it out...

    I do like the over-the-door racks, and for the shorter folks, that cute little duckie (he's not a hook, is he?) could have a hook placed on each side of him.

  3. I have a wire rack that I bought at Wal-Mart for about $30 that stands over the toliet. I tried to copy a link for you but it wouldn't work. If you search bathroom shelf on W-Marts site you will also see a 2 tier towel rack that could be hung on any wall,(maybe a laundry room) and then you could give each their own colored towel. I love that suggestion!!

  4. we have hooks in the childrens rooms to hang their towels... they just grab em on the way to the bathroom and hang them there when they are done... it takes a lil training but frees up the walls in the bathroom...

  5. You could either add more hooks next to the duckie, or take him off, place him in a narrow section of the bathroom and in his place add a piece of white painted wood with multiple hooks. Or... have each person keep their towel in their bedroom or closet. We do that right now.

  6. Well, your bathroom is lovely! I really like it. =0)

    Our downstairs bathroom is really small, too.... so for a towel rack, the only option we could come up with was one of those that mounts over the toilet. It has doors and holds toilet paper in the cabinet part and then a towel underneath. They're really pretty actually.... I think we got them at Home Depot.

  7. Well... weird things run very deep in our family;)

  8. your bathroom is the size of mine and we do not have any space for anything either. Good luck my friend.

  9. We put 2of the wide white covered metal towel racks on the bathroom door, and the kids' bedroom doors. Worked great for 4 kids.

  10. Very cute bathroom. I love it!

  11. I'm doing a towel post next week for the WFMW. My solution may not be big enough for your large family but there is a swivel gadget that might work in addition. It has arms and you can adjust where they are positioned. Its very hard to explain, but I will put pics of both items I use for towel storage up on my blog next week. Hope you find something that works!Cute bath, btw.

  12. I'm sure this is late....but, we had a super small bathroom too. I, being the child at the time, would hang my wet towel in my bedroom, behind my bedroom door. Mom and Dad's towels were in the bathroom, along with a communinal hand towel.