July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Baby Sister

Monday, July 6th is my baby sister, Diann's, 36th birthday. And across the miles we are celebrating the wonderful blessing that you are in our lives. Here's what the Wachters have to say about you in honor of your big day.

What I admire in you...

Pa: Your sense of humor and macaroni and cheese

Mama: Your willingness to help out and Can do attitude. Loyalty and love for shopping that makes you enjoy doing my shopping for me.

KK: Generosity

Nana: Artisitic ability and the way you jump when we put a pinecone on your chair

Emma: teaching me to use water colors

Than: You babysitting us

Sam: you make us waffles when Pa and Mama are away

Our Blessings for the Next Year...

Pa: May baby button sleep through the night. I hope lack of sleep won't cause you to lose your humor so that there will still be SOMEONE who laughs at my jokes

Mama: Proverbs 31:28 May your children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.

KK: wisdom in raising baby Button

Nana: Slow down. Don't stress. Enjoy life.

Emma: To enjoy Italy...but not too much.

Than: To grow closer to God.

And Now: Just Because you won't be here for your birthday...well, that is not a good excuse to miss your birthday tribute...Remember: We CAN be paid to NOT sing.

A little note from the director. This morning all the kids woke up with a cold. And you know we had to record your birthday song. The more we tried to sing this without going flat the more hoarse everyone sounded. After three takes we settled on just having one where everyone got most of the words right and no one coughed or sneezed. So without further excuses or ado, for better or worse, here it is. Afterall if you want perfection, check out B.J.'s version.


  1. How cute!!!!! Your sis is gonna love this. The baby was so cute making her own sounds and no one picked their nose. That is a great accomplishment.

    What a cool fam you've got there, Chili. You all sing good even with colds.

    Hope everyone gets well soon,

  2. I'm speechless and I'm sure your sister will also. Why couldn't I have gotten some of this creativity? Love it!

  3. What a sweet tribute to your sis...she has got to feel so loved!

  4. Wow, that's quite a serenade!!

  5. Nothing beats having a sister who is also a friend! This was a really great and creative way to let her know she is very loved.

  6. I was expecting traditional "Happy Birthday". What a nice change!

  7. hey... after 3 take a couple fake starts and having colds- we really don't sound too bad...

  8. Sorry that this is late - tell her that she has a happy B'day wish live from Seattle!