July 7, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

A little note before you start reading...I was trying to get to this all weekend but had a lot going on and my husband took two days off. I finally sat down to do it this afternoon and was in the middle of it when my husband told me my in-laws were minutes away from my house to join us for dinner. Now, both sets of parents have gone home, but it is rather late. So I finished, but don't have time to proofread it so be merciful as you read and pretend you know what I mean.

Starting Thursday, we will be camping through the weekend. I hope to catch up on your posts before then but if I don't, I will be back next week. If a bear doesn't get me, that is! And I am sure I will have lots of good stories to tell!

Nannette at Life: Be In It! has blessed me with the Honest Scrap Award.

Here are the rules:

1) Say thank you to the presenter of the award and link back to them

2) Share 10 honest things about yourself

3) Present this award to 7 other people whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.

4) tell those 7 people that they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving it.

Please take time to visits these ladies...you won't be sorry.

And Nannette, also called Mocha Mamma, regularly shares encouraging stories of life raising a hubby and two teenagers. She is a veteran home schooler who loves the Lord and lives to serve Him. Her humility and cheerfulness (even with a toothache) are constant encouragement. She appreciates every moment with her children and delights in their every accomplishment, especially where it pertains to growing in their relationship with the Lord.

I was thinking all weekend of 10 things about me that you all might not already know. I finally called in the help of my kids this morning at breakfast. It is very funny what they came up with, in all of my 37 years, that they thought were fascinating and unusual enough to share. So, here goes.

Ten honest things about myself:

1- I was once poor and homeless. Today, I have riches untold and a mansion in my name waiting for me in Heaven. And if you want to know how to reserve your place, please email me. I would delight in telling you all about it.

2-When I was growing up, the product of a family destroyed by alcoholism and divorce, I didn't want any children. Instead, I wanted to get my business degree and be the CEO of no specific company.

3- I went to four high schools and due to tuberculosis, mono, and severe migraines, I eventually finished my high school degree on a home study program with a tutor sent by the school board.

4- Even though Math was not my strong point, I excelled in Algebra and was called on as a volunteer to tutor struggling students. For some reason, my kids think it is particularly funny, that many of those students were members of the football team who were in danger of being benched if they didn't bring their grades up.

In college, I spent a semester teaching a communication course alongside one of my professors. He asked me to coauthor a text book with him, which I was very excited about, but got put on the permanent back burner when I got pregnant with my third baby, Emma Rose.

5- My major was nursing with a specialty in Midwifery and OB/GYN nursing but I have worn many hats in my years of gainful employment. I have worked for a plumber, a construction company, several restaurants, a photographer, a lobbyist, nursing homes, hospital and a neurologist.

6- During my high school career, I enjoyed singing and dancing and stage productions...but not acting. Once, my dad really wanted me to try out for a part in South Pacific. I had no experience acting and was terrified of the stage. I got on stage and was so nervous, I broke out in tears. I never told my dad what happened because I didn't want him to be disappointed in me. Turns out they needed a little boy to play a role and I suggested my baby brother. Who was selected. He did a great job. My dad to this day teases me about how my brother got a role and I was just in the chorus girls.

As an adult, I took up tap dancing with some other moms from my daughters' dancing class. We had a blast for two and a half years, until we had to give it up. We even danced in two recitals. I tapped danced the day I was in labor with Emma Rose and was awarded perfect attendance that year. (although, I think technically that means I only missed two classes...can't remember exactly, but I know I missed at least one class when I got a pinched nerve in my neck.)

My hubby and I studied ball room dancing with Dick and Dee. Who are amazing, in their 80's and still moving like Fred and Ginger. We were lousy, and usually an example to the rest of the class of what not to do...but we had a really good time and made some very special friends.

7- Among my many allergies, I am allergic to cock roaches and newspaper. I once had an anaphylactic reaction from a salad at Red Lobster.

8- When I was pregnant with Kaitlin I fainted while waiting in a very long line at the MVA when my blood sugar dropped too low. This was very embarrassing, especially when the ambulance arrived. And then, it happened again, when I was pregnant with Brianna and waiting in line at the Home Improvement Commission licensing office. After that I learned to carry snacks with me when I was pregnant.

9- I love Tupperware, Rubbermaid, baskets, labels and tab folders because I am an organizing junkie. I like everything around me to be neat and tidy and in its place. When I was in school and we would go to house parties, I would wash dishes and vacuum while everyone else carried on around me.

10- My father's relatives, own a vineyard in Barile, Italy. I have never been there nor have I met the relatives who own it, but I hope to visit one day. And, even though I don't drink alcohol or condone drinking alcohol, I think owning a vineyard is a terribly romantic thing. My dad gave each of us a bottle of the Paternoster wine that I keep in my kitchen and it reminds me that our family is much more than what we see in front of us each day.

And that for me to be here, in America, and live free and have all the blessings I enjoy, many of my ancestors had to make brave decisions to leave all they knew and loved and endured many sacrifices. Not the least of which meant sending children to the orphanage when the Great depression made it impossible for an immigrant to get a job and feed his family. Or the the loved ones who gave up their life in the name of winning the Great World Wars on America's behalf.

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  1. I loved reading your honest list. Congrats on the award! Wow! You went from not wanting any kids to having seven. God is a miracle working God isn't He? Your kids are beautiful too!

  2. Thanks for the award! Your 10 things were all very interesting. I really enjoy reading these posts. I will try to have mine up tomorrow.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Delighted to meet you! I just found you via another award that you one. Goodness, your words are blessing countless lives. I hope to get to know you a bit more as I splash around over here.

    Blessings from Costa Rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  4. Mom,
    Wow! 2 awards! And you said you wern't very good at writing. I think what makes your blog so much fun to read is that you write your thoughts...nothing else!
    Love you much,

  5. I loved reading your list and learning more about you. I hope you have fun camping... the weather is perfect for it. We did one night in the backyard last week for the kiddos and I couldn't get over how cool it was at night.

  6. Wow thanks! I am on my way out the door for a day of fun and appointments. (Zoo and dentist) But I'll get on this later today or tomorrow. Have fun camping! :)

  7. Kat, thanks so much for participating in the Honest Scrap Award, that is a funny name. And thanks for wrting such thoughtful, nice things about me. You are so sweet.

    I loved your honest statements (short stories). I had no idea about your family and your high school illnesses. You are a fighter and a survivor. Sounds a lot like my mom's early years.

    I'm glad you do what you do now and that you blog. I love reading your posts.

    Hope all is well. have a nice Sunday,