July 10, 2009

Just Wondering

I am going to be gone this weekend. Well, not too far. Just roughing it outdoors with the kids for a few days. But I won't be visiting blog world for awhile. But while I am away I had a few questions for you all.

Jen T. How did you come to have so many wheat berries??? And gee, I wish we lived closer so I could take you up on your offer. I just ordered 50 pounds from our local health food outlet at just under $2 a pound.

And how did the hammock work out?

How is everyone doing on the bread baking? Did anyone actually bake bread? Does anyone want a new recipe? I know there were a few questions and I tried to answer them on your personal blogs. Did that help out any?

And the fruit bowls. I said I would check back about that one. Remember? So, everyone ate more fruit this week, right?

And one more thing...I can't remember...oh, yeah! Now I do! It was the shred. Who is finished? Who is still going? If you are still at it, what day are you on? What level? Any one have any good suggestions for what to do now?

And thanks for all the answers about the Windows Explorer problem. I finally bit the bullet and downloaded Firefox because the list of blogs I couldn't read seems to be growing every day and I couldn't find any solution from Microsoft or Blogger that worked.


  1. So glad you got Firefox. We love it. I'm still working on the Shred. I have a few pounds more than usual to shred off, I think. :) But I'm still at level 1. I'll get there!
    About the wheat berries. Remember the Y2K scare? Some people got together and sealed up a LOT of buckets of food that could be dehydrated or stored as-is. Nothing happened and they were stuck with all these buckets. I'm talking hundreds. They gave them away or sold them really cheap, I'm not sure. One family gave them to her brother who in turn brought them to our church. We were told to take whatever we wanted. They sat in the building for almost a month with no one really taking anything. The pastor wanted them out of the building and said to get them out (in a nice way). When everyone was reluctant to take them, my husband said "Let's just take whatever's left." We ended up with a lot. I'm not sure exactly how much, but more than enough to last a while. I'll have to take a picture in the daytime to show you what I mean. Then the people who wouldn't take it were saying, "Hey, why'd you take so much?" Um, hello, it sat there for a month? Why didn't you take some. We told everyone they were welcome to come get what they wanted. We just took it to get it out of the way. Hardly anyone took us up on it. We still had almost as much as we took.
    Anyway, this turned out to be a long comment. I should have just emailed you. :)

  2. Oh, yeah, the hammock. Umm...we've been pretty busy and it's still not up. :P (shh...don't tell anyone...sometimes I procrastinate). But hubby likes it! Yay!

  3. Have a great time!!

    I love Firefox. I think you'll like it too. It's so much easier to use and a lot less finiky then explorer.

  4. Tonight will be my last of Level 2. I've done both Levels 1 & 2 for 15 days each. I watched Level 3 last night while cooling down and it looked intense. When I ordered The Shred, I also ordered another Jillian Michaels DVD and the Biggest Loser DVD though I don't remember the titles. I will start on those.

    I lost a pound this week but am still yo-yoing between a 2 lb. interval. Maybe next Thursday weigh in will reveal that I've broken through the barrier.

  5. Have fun this weekend Kat! And, I agree Firefox fixes everything! Blogger problems gone! Whoo Hoo! ;)