July 25, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

I am in a really BAD mood right now. I just spent an entire nap time writing this post and then I DELETED it. Which is my only complaint with Windows Vista. I know lots of people don't like it but I have had no problem with it. Except there are all these short cuts. And I don't know what they are. So, sometimes I can delete hours of hard work with the touch of just one button. Or send an unfinished email by hitting a button when I don't even know which button it is. O. K. That is enough ranting. Sorry for that.

So, I have been awarded with the Kreative Blogger Award.

In accepting the Kreative Blogger Award, I am obligated to tell 7 things about myself that my readers may not already know about me. Now, if you've been reading lately, you know that in celebration of my 100th post, I wrote 100 things about me. I also, recently won the Honest Scrap award which used up 10 more things about me. And then there was a meme from my friend Tara at Keeping Up With the Kelly's that used up any mystery that might have been left about myself.

So, quite frankly, I was a little concerned at what I might possibly have to write about me that you would not already know and yet would not be so boring as to put you to sleep. But not to fear. In comes my friend Darcie at the Story of Us. She recently returned from a trip back home to Montana. With her she brought a bag of huckleberry coffee. Now, if you actually read all those posts about myself, you would know that I LOVE coffee. And special, different and exotic coffee even more so! So, I could not resist this giveaway.

Only, I quickly ran out of clever things to say. I started posting quotes about coffee in the comment box. And I am so grateful that she does not have word verification turned on. Although, she may after this. After a few, or 70, 80, well maybe 90 comments, I ran out of quotes about coffee. And can you believe there are not ANY quotes about huckleberries? So, I thought, perhaps I could tell Darcie what coffee means to me. But in an effort to keep her as my friend, I instead decided to write a post describing my life as seen through a cup of coffee.

And then, I remembered I needed 7 things and this post was born. Because, gee, if we are talking coffee, it will be easy for me to come up with 7 things to say.

So without further ado here is...

My Life as Seen Through a Cup of Coffee

  1. My current favorite drink is iced coffee. This is how I make it. First I put on a pot of decaf coffee made with 8 scoops of fresh ground organic coffee to 4 cups reverse osmosis water. While the coffee brews I fill a 20 ounce cup halfway full with ice cubes. The I cover the ice cubes with organic 2% milk. I put the cup in the freezer to get really cold. When the coffee is finished brewing I immediately, never ever leave coffee sit on the warmer, put the pot in the fridge or freezer to cool it down a bit. When I can wait no longer I fill the cup with coffee and stir. This is really good for me as well as delicious. I HATE milk so I get my essential calcium while enjoying a low fat treat.
  2. I have always drank coffee. Well, not always. I don't think it was in my bottle. But, I have drank it so long, that I don't remember when I started drinking it. I remember stirring in sugar and cream when I was younger than Nathaniel. In my Italian family it was the acceptable thing to do. My grandmother told me once, that in her family (they had 13 living children) they drank coffee in the mornings because, as immigrants during the depression, they were too poor to heat their home. When it got very cold they drank hot coffee to keep warm. My Gram (that's my Italian grandmother on my father's side) would make a pot of coffee in her percolator. She only drank it black. She would put it on the windowsill and no matter how cold it got or how long it sat she would just keep sipping at it all day long.
  3. My Irish grandmother, who too knew the value of wasting nothing, would save her leftover coffee in a mayonnaise jar. The next morning when she left to go to work at Krementz Jewelers in Newark she would take the jar with her for lunch. That was in the days before microwaves. I can only assume she too drank it cold. She made her coffee in an old glass coffee pot on the stove top. It tasted like mud.
  4. I remember being at her house as a toddler and taking and old tin percolator and filling it with mud and pretending to drink coffee. There are, somewhere, very embarrassing pictures of me with blond curls running through the back yard in nothing but my underwear after one such play time.
  5. One summer afternoon, when I was a teenager, I was on the phone with a friend of mine and drinking coffee when I discovered there was no more cream. I am resourceful, though, when it comes to having my java. I found some ice cream in the freezer and discovered an incredible new drink.
  6. Again, as a teenager, I was spending the night at my girlfriend, Nancy's house. We sat up the entire night on her parents patio drinking coffee, playing rummy, talking about the boys in our school and listening to Z-104.
  7. One of my favorite ways to start a day or end it is sitting on my deck drinking my coffee, doing my Bible study or chatting with my beloved dear husband.
Wow! I can't believe I am done already. I have so many more things I would like to write about. Like how as a young adult, other friends would turn to drinking when they hung out, but my buddies and I would sit around and "chew the fat" over a cup of coffee.

Or how, my dear friend and his wife met on the Internet, had their first face to face meeting in a coffee shop and later had their wedding in another coffee shop.

Or how I used to really like Mexican coffee (that's coffee with Kahlua) but I don't drink it because we decided we didn't want to have alcohol in our home due to my family's long history of alcoholism.

Or that my in laws only drink instant coffee. I think that is worse than not liking coffee at all.

I like coffee ice cream and coffee truffles.

Way back when I used to run a boutique. I would run across the street to a little coffee shop for my afternoon pick me up.

I will admit that I am a coffee snob. I only drink good quality coffee. That doesn't necessarily mean it is expensive just that it can't be any old coffee.

When we got married, my friend Tony, gave us an espresso maker. He was the only one who could figure out how to make really good froth. When it came time for him to return to Italy, we told him he couldn't go until he taught us how to use it.

Coffee happens to be one of the most toxic foods we consume. What I mean to explain, is that all of our food supply is affected by chemicals and toxins in our environment. Coffee (and incidentally apples) is one of the top 10 most toxic foods. So if you drink coffee, for heaven's sake, please drink organic. It does not cost much more.

I like to drink my coffee out of my Royal Albert tea cup, which was a gift from my darling daughter, Brianna.

I think I could go on forever. But, I will not bore you any longer.

One final last word...Would you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave me a comment and tell me how you like your coffee. (I mean for you to tell me a special story about coffee.)


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, THANK YOU KAT!

    I do like my self-made Post-It notes. Glad you like them, too.

    You're a sweetheart!

    Congrats on your award from Hope. She's a sweetheart too, isn't she?

    Have a great weekend!

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  3. Not only did Carrie and I have our first face to face meeting and get married in a cafe, but, the night before, we had a get-together in a cafe so that our visiting family and friends could have a chance to meet with us on the day before the occasion. This cafe was about - oh - thirty feet from where I used to live when I had first moved into Seattle, and I knew the owner well enough that she rented out the place to me for just the cost of the barista's hourly rate - about $30 total. And - we had gotten the food for the occasion from another cafe that is also a pretty good bakery. So - our relationship is infused with coffee and cafes :)

  4. Wellllll....sorry but I don't like coffee! Please don't hate me, I can't help it. O.k., I can but I don't want to.

    So you don't type your posts in blogger first? I used to type mine in a word document and transfer them over but blogger automatically saves them as you type, which is a good thing.

    I, too, have accidentally deleted a couple of posts but not really because they were saved by blogger.

  5. Oh my goodness Kat, I had to stop reading so many times today because I was laughing so hard. I am so glad that Hope passed this award on to you. I love her and her creative blog so much. I would have given it to you too if I had known you a few weeks ago. Wow, I have not known you that long and I feel as if I have. You most defintely deserve this award.

    I like my coffee STRONG with cream and sugar! Sometimes a little french vanilla. :)

    I just want you to know that the other day when I stopped by Darcie's and saw all of your comments I cracked up too. I told her that you love your coffee and you really want to win. I hope you do. :) A few people gave you a run for your money but no one had your endurance. :)

    congrats on your award again,

  6. Kat, thanks for the nomination. What a blessing!

  7. Ice cream in coffee? That's simply genius!

    I like mine with either half-n-half with a couple teaspoons of sugar or with just hazelnut creamer. Hubs has a friend that roasts coffee and they recently taught my oldest son how to roast. He brought home an Ethiopian blend that he roasted himself. It had to sit for three days before he could grind the beans and then brew it. Wonderful.

    BTW...my hair is just highlighted with some photoshop so it would stick out more in the picture. It is actually blonde and quite a bit longer than the shot on the blog.


  8. Hi there! I am already a follower of Hopes' blog and was so impressed by her drawings too!

    I love my coffee, and now I'm thinking about buying organic!

    We got a percolator about a year ago and can't imagine using anything else! With my coffee, I NEED to have my coconut creamer!!

  9. Kat,

    Well I had to stop by your blog after receiving your comment. WOW! You and I have so much in common as my given name is Kathleen as well! For business purposes I use Kathleen, but to my family and friends it's just Kat. I hated Kathy because it always reminded me of a cheerleader name.

    I also decided to follow your blog because that is what friends do and I love it here! So glad you stopped by! Looking forward to getting to know you more! :)

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. You have a great blog. I found you through Kat at Heart 2 Heart.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea



  11. Soooooooo sorry about you post being deleated. That is exactley why I hate your computer. I'ld take my five year old laptop over all those short cuts any day. Congrats on the award! You deserve it.

  12. My coffee days have been off & on. I used to drink the "dregs" out of my mom's cup when I was little. It was very sweet with sugar & cream. Sometimes there was cookie stuff (yuck) in there too. My stomach just turned.

    I didn't actually start drinking coffee until I was 33 years old. I loved the flavored creams that came out about that time. I put in 1/3 cream and 2/3 coffee. I love it sweet. Then I started drinking mochas and that was it. I love mochas the most.

    I quite drinking all coffee when I was pregnant the first time. I drank decaf mochas with the 2nd baby.

    I quite again later on for two years and for some reason I just started again about 3 years ago. Now I drink decaf coffee at home and decaf mochas when I'm out & about.

    It's really the chocolate I love more than anything. But the coffee does something for it that makes it rich.

    That's my story. It was fun reading yours.

  13. I enjoyed your coffe post very much.Isn't so interesting to know about our grandmothers and other past relatives.The way we drank coffee was actually more like milk with coffee.Ithink I had always drank here and there,but when I was 19,I sometimes had to go in to work at 6am ,so I started drinking coffee daily,plus my dad is an avid coffee aficionado.And I too am a coffee snob.I probably spend too long of a time deciding in a lot of other things besides coffee.decisions decisions!I have yet to find the perfect creamer with no artificial flavoring,one of the many things I just can't buy!!