July 29, 2009

Wednesday Wit and Wisdom

Well, I got so worked up about Vegetables on Tuesday that I ran out of time to write about the other items of business. If you've been reading for any length of time or if you've written something that I feel passionate about, you know that when something is very important to me I can go on a bit about it.

And I do take the growing, canning and eating of vegetables seriously. But enough about produce.

Today want to tell you about my dear husband's sunburn. Saturday, Allen was working by the pool laying the final pavers in his summer project. It looks gorgeous, by the way, and I will post pictures soon. We actually had some hot and humid more seasonal weather for a change. He had been working an hour or two when he was dripping with sweat. I suggested he dip in the pool and then return to work cooler and refreshed.

He took my advice and ended up with a beet red back. I am a person who steps outdoors for 15 minutes soaked in 45 sunscreen and still ends up with a severe sunburn so I knew just what to do. We whipped out the aloe vera lotion from my sunburn in St. Kitts, courtesy of my dear husband's company.

Brianna came along and offered to rub it on his back. Now, for this next part to make sense I must explain that my husband's company is hosting a contest for the children of their employees. The premise is that they must design a solar house. So we've had a few discussions about solar energy lately.

And the engineer and home school student in Brianna trumped out the sympathetic daughter in her as Brianna exclaimed, "Pa, look at all that wasted solar energy!"

I must admit I bust up laughing. Actually, I am still laughing. He was not amused. Or at least he was not going to give her the satisfaction of thinking he was amused. As we got into bed that night, my eye caught the lotion on the bureau and I started laughing again. He started laughing along with me. Don't you love someone that can get a giggle at their own expense?

Ahem. I guess you had to be there. Well, so much for the wit. How about some words of wisdom.

Moving right along. I need to talk to about a very serious matter. It is wearing on my nerves considerably and I think it is high time someone take a stand for the betterment of all woman kind.

Now, I don't see why ladies have to wear clothing that is cut down to their navel anyway. There are some things that are meant only for your husband, nursing babies, and once a year your gyn. Why do women think that the rest of the world want to see it all???

And that is bad enough. But here it is. And I am going to lay it all on the line. If you insist on wearing such clothing, for the dear Lord's sake, please wear a bra that will hold things up in their proper place! You are doing no one a favor and least of all yourself by allowing things to hang and flop all over the place.

I am not joking here people. I was at Home Depot, you know my favorite weekend hangout, with my good husband, when I witnessed a very well endowed woman dressed in a top cut so low if I wanted to I could have seen her belly button. Now, I have nursed a lot of babies for a lot of years. I make no mistake in understanding that things aren't as perky as they once were. But for goodness sake, I know where to go for help!

Now, as I got into the car and commented on such to my sweet and oblivious husband, my daughters piped up and reminded me of a great video by Anita Renfroe that sums it all up very nicely. Check it out.

So there you have it. What works for me this Wednesday is Victoria Secret's Miracle Bra.


  1. Oh, I am so with you on that. Or how about the ones with the tight tank top and no bra? Um...hello? A "smooth" surface would be much better. No bumps or pebbles, ya know?

  2. ROFL!!! I tan quite easily, but DH burns really badly even with sunscreen, and then is white again. Drives him nuts! lol

    As for the inappropriately dressed women of our world... sigh... I have a dear friend whose autistic son has a knack for saying what his Mama is thinking, and he very often (and to her gross embarrassment) addresses both men and women with clothing mishaps: tummy rolls over too-tight jeans, bra-less tanks, cleavage of both the chest and butt, etc. I laugh out loud to her tales of his blatant observations, even while I groan at the frequency of these types of 'sightings.'

  3. That was funny...Looks like my family has used up a lot of SOLAR ENERGY...;)

    I saw Anita Renfroe last year. She was really really funny!!

  4. Oh, that was FUNNY!!!! LOVED the video.

    Now I"ve got that song stuck in my head though. Thanks a lot, Kat!

  5. Ok I am still laughing from reading the last post that somehow I missed the other day and now I am rolling. I so agree with every word. I know how things begin to look down eventually. :( But there is help! We should all be looking to find it! Your suggestion is a very good one! Thanks for the big laughs today!

  6. Kat,

    Oh how I could continue on your rant about improperly dressed people. I honestly believe that these people lack mirrors so they don't see what everyone else is forced to see.

    I realize that some clothing comes with an age appropriate stamp on it so you won't see me wearing anything with a name across my rear, low cut anything, too tight jeans, low cut jeans that allow under garments to hang out, or even mid drift tops.

    These clothes alone should be marked for perfect bodies because I haven't seen too many people look good in them.

    Just bring me a good reliable pair of jeans, t-shirt that covers everything, and tennis shoes. I gave up ever striving for fashion years ago! And I do mean years.......!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. They make fabulous over the shoulder boulder holders for a reason!!

  8. I love this post Mom. Cracked me up or as someone we both know well would say "I was ROLLING Love Ya!

  9. I can't thank you enough for your comment(s) on my modesty of dress post. THANK YOU!! I am so blessed.

  10. Wow, thanks for the laugh! I whole-heartedly agree!


  11. It really is about modesty...truly!! I will have to come back and check out the video. Could you please leave me your email address in my comment section...I found a little something for you. For all your effort. ;o)

  12. What a great post. I almost missed the video.. That was too funny!! Loved it!!!

    Hope your hubby recovers from his sunburn soon!!

  13. I truly do not like seeing a woman who shows so much. I think about my son who may be with me and what that does to his thought processes and my husband as well. It's really not fair to men, really!

    It's worse when this occurs at church. Some people have been told by more than one person to cover up, please, but to no avail.

    Lord, please protect our men & boys from having to see this. And when they do, help them to ask you for courage to avoid any improper thoughts and seek you.

    I had zuchinni today, a little one. It was good.

    more later