July 22, 2009

Woof-Woof is Good for Dripping Eyes

This morning, when I checked my email, there was some sad news from a friend about her family relocating. In the best of times, this news would have saddened me. And this is not the best of times. I quickly jumped up and got to my morning routine and attempted to put my makeup on. But the tears started coming. First, I wiped them away one by one while trying to apply mascara. Eventually, I could hold them back no more, and I gave up and flopped on my bed with a box of Kleenex.

My dear children were going about their chores and first Brianna came with a question. She looked at me and with a worried voice asked what was wrong. As I told her, she too was saddened, and threw her arms around me. As we were there hugging, Samuel came along and saw us. There were a few more kids behind him in the hallway and he shouted in his most authoritative voice, "Dont' look they are kissing."

Which is the joke around here when my dear husband and I are hugging or kissing. Whoever, happens to be around shouts to the others not to look. For a long time the kids asked for a nickle in the vacation jar each time I got a peck on the cheek or they caught us snuggling. But, I think they have forgotten about that.

Anyway, I sent Brianna off, telling her that I would of course be fine. And a few minutes later, in comes my dear husband. That is one big draw back to a large family. A person can't get any privacy to sit and cry and feel sorry for themselves for a while.

Or wait, is it a draw back???

Well, needless to say my husband was saddened too and tried to comfort me as I shared what news I had. Back comes Samuel and he asked me why my eyes were dripping. I don't remember what we said to him only that he got very excited and shouted as he ran from the room, "I'll go get woof-woof. He is good for dripping eyes. He makes people feel better."

Woof-Woof is my Sam's stuffed Eeyore. He was about 13 months old when my long time friend, Dawn, came to visit from Ohio. She always brings a rubber maid full of surprises for the children- which is a whole post in itself for another time. That visit she brought this stuffed Eeyore. Up until then, Sam's lovey had been a stuffed monkey and a purple rabbit named Yerple. I thought they were going to stick. But this Eeyore displaced the monkey and the rabbit in one fell swoop.

And do you know why? Sam loved dogs. But with my asthma and dog allergy we couldn't have a dog. And he had never seen Winnie-the-Pooh, only read the books. And this Eeyore looked like the fellow in the movies but nothing like the ones in the classic story. And, so, with his tail and floppy ears, he must have been a dog.

Oh, but Samuel didn't call dogs, "dog". He called them woof-woofs because that is the sound they make. Just like Elisabeth calls a duck "aflac" because that is the sound they make. Wait that's not right. Regardless, this became his most prized possession along with his silky "binkit" that I got for him when he was a week old.

Boy, was Samuel excited when he first saw a Winnie-the-Pooh movie and saw that Eeyore had a pink bow on his tail just like "Woof-Woof." He used to get really upset, though, when we were in public and strangers would say, "I like your Eeyore." He would get so indignant and say, "No, it is Woof-Woof."

When he is going to bed it is with "binkit" and "woof-woof" tucked under his head that he falls asleep. When he is scared he runs for his "woof-woof". When he is sad or hurt, he snuggles his gray little friend.

He finds so much joy in this bag of stuffed fluff, that he is certain woof-woof must bring comfort to all who come in contact with it. Indeed, whenever someone falls down and skins their knee, he runs to bring them, "woof-woof". And when Elisabeth is whining and throwing a fit, he thrusts his buddy into her arms. And she stops crying instantly. Which has reinforced this idea in his sweet four year old heart.

And, so this morning, when he sensed my sadness, he could think of nothing better than to bring me the "comforter" to make his mama feel better.

And, when I looked up at his smiling and hopeful face trying to bring solace to me, I did.


  1. Hi there! So happy that blog hopping brought me here. (pretty sure God has a great way of directing us through the internet too!)

    I got a little choked up on the pure innocence of your little one.....blessed with the desire to comfort and offer up what is his. Sounds alot like what God does for us, doesn't it?

    I'll be back, I am sure! :)

  2. Ahh...that is so sweet. Sorry about your friend though.

  3. How precious is he and his "Woof Woof"? Kids are so simple and want to make everything better, especially for Mommy.

    I'm so sorry that your friends are relocating. We moved and it was hard on our friends, but really hard on us as well. It's an adjustment. I will be praying for you.


    P.S. I had so much fun on the giveaway you posted yesterday. Glad it gave your family a laugh... I was just about delirious by the time I finally left my computer. :-)

  4. Sorry about your friend..And your child saying Woof Woof was good for dripping eyes made me have dripping eyes. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  5. Kat,

    Sorry to hear about your friend moving...it is so hard when people have to move on. My heart breaks for you. I hope little Woof Woof gave you some comfort.

  6. Sorry about your friend moving. :(
    Samuel bringing his "woof-woof" to comfort you is just too precious!

  7. What a sweet little guy you have there. I know that it did comfort you to know he was so concerned. Sorry about your friend having to move.

  8. Kat, I am sorry about the news from your friend. Good friends are hard to find and excruciating to lose. How sweet that Samuel brought you his "Woof-Woof" to comfort you. Children are so wonderful! You are truly blessed.

  9. Hi Kat,
    Isn't that so sweet of your guy to bring you his favorite lovey? Nice that your kids care about your feelings.
    One thing that is harder for me about having a lot of kids is that should I start to cry, in church, at home, wherever, it makes it through the ranks of the kids lightening fast. Especially if it is in church. Down the pew they start: Mom's crying, why is mom crying, why are you crying, mommy??? And so it goes. Especially when I am trying to cry discreetly!!! But it is nice that they care. If they could just care quieter!
    Sorry about your friends moving. We know all about that. Our two closest families back home are still mourning our move, as are we. True friends are a gift and it is hard when they move. God is good and will take care of both of your families!