August 26, 2009

Color Coded Cups

My dear husband asked me to do this post about my Tupperware cups. But first, I have to go back a few years to where it began. The dinner trays.

You will see, there are nice little divided compartments so your baked beans don't run all over everything. The trays are big enough to hold your entire meal and drink, as well There is a nifty little space where you can put an ear of corn or a silverware and napkin roll.

This handy dandy invention is sturdy enough for the little guys to carry it out to the picnic table without spilling. And, as with all Tupperware products, they came in a variety of summer colors...mine are orange, purple, green and pink. We have used them over and over and over.

I got them because during the summer we eat outside all the time. I don't have to worry about my ceramic plates getting dropped en route to the back yard. Since they go right in the dishwasher no extra work is involved for clean up. And since they are reusable they are environmentally friendly and easier on the wallet than disposable plates.

I have a friend who sells Tupperware. For one of the kids birthdays, one year, she gave them one of these great cups. Everyone liked it because unlike most cups (except baby cups) it was almost leak proof and the cool part is it has an opening for a straw.

With so many little ones at the table, I bought enough for each of the kids to have one so that meal time was a little drier. By the end of last summer, we had only one or two left. They had been dragged out to the playground and left in various places.

At the beginning of this summer I bought a set of the 16 ounce ones in four different colors. And a set of the smaller ones in 4 different colors. We had the odd one in a fifth color left over to make the ninth that we needed.

I then assigned a cup to each person. Big people got big cups. Small people got small ones. With a sharpie I wrote names on the bottom of each. Who do you think the little pink one belongs to?

These were very expensive in the Tupperware book. I found a much better deal on the sets by going to eBay. As an incentive not to lose their cups, I warned that if a cup was missing we would know who it belonged to and they would have to replace it out of their own spending money. Three months and we still have all our cups!

A big bonus I wasn't counting on is that now everyone knows their color and so we don't end up with a thousand cups at the end of the day. In the past someone would get a cup. We leave ours on the kitchen windowsill to reuse. But when someone returned later they would forget which one was their cup and get another. By dinner time the top rack of the dishwasher was filled with cups. Not anymore.

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  1. What a great idea for such a large family. I really enjoy stopping by your blog and seeing how your family works with so many under one roof. I loved the picture you had recently of everyone brushing their teeth. It was so neat to see the older ones helping the younger ones. I love the family unity! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog...=)

  2. Well, I finally figured out why I'm always so far behind. Yesterday I finally caught up on all of your posts. This morning I decide to check in thinking this is great ... now I can just check your blog when I check my email in the morning and no more having 700 past posts to read. (Okay, bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.) As I pop in to read my ONE post this morning, I find SIX new posts since yesterday. Maybe I should just console myself with the fact that I will always be a day late and a dollar short. BTW, I want to enter the paintings I'm doing for the baby's room in the County Fair. Or maybe my new cards I made ... Can I enter them both? Do I have to have a blog?
    Love ya,

  3. Yes! I love those cups! Unfortunately I only have 4. I found them at a yard sale last summer for $4. $4! That is so cheap! And they had never been used! They are for the 4 older ones, and I use the ones from WM for the little ones. The ones from WM you are supposed to throw away, but I re-use mine. I haven't assigned colors yet, so I still get a lot of extra cups at the end of the day. I guess that would be next. Hey, why not, they have assigned color towels.

  4. What a great idea.
    Blessings, andrea

    PS: You have an award at arise 2 write

  5. I do this at home as well! We found some 25 cent plastic cups at HEB. The kiddo doesn't use them yet, they are too big for him, but DH and I get one each of a different color in the morning, and reuse it all day. Its amazing how much it cuts down on dishwasher space at the end of the day, and just for the three of us! ;-)

  6. Even though I only have 2 kiddo's I have assigned them each their own cup! Otherwise the bar was full of them at the end of the day. I can not even imagine what it would be with 7!

  7. Those cups look super! Love your County Fair idea! I'll have to brain-storm about if I have anything I could enter. It will be fun to see what everyone else comes up with!

  8. Kat,

    Thank you for providing this great idea. I love it. I think just last night I kept walking all over the house, asking is this your cup, is this your sister's cup and even the difference between mine and hubbys, we look at each other and ask which one is yours??

    Oh this will completely simply my life I tell you! This will revolutionize my organization. Perhaps I will even take Hopes advice one step further and assign color coded towels so when I find them in the bathroom, I know who the culprit is.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. That is a super great idea! I am going to get on ebay and check to see if I can find some too. Thanks Kat or I guess I should thank Allen for suggesting that you blog about it. :) Tell him I said thanks!
    Love your fair button too. Brianns did a great job with it!

  10. I am a mom of 12 and we are forever losing cups and silverware. Thanks for the tip on where to find good cups.

  11. I love me some tupperware. They are still the best in my book. Great idea.

  12. I love how you've come up with all these ways for keeping things organized and working in your large family.

  13. Oh I so want some trays :)