August 11, 2009

One Thing I Did This Week

What do trains a dog and 16 kids have in common?

It’s one thing I did this week!

I am joining my daughter Brianna at By the Way in her weekly meme. Her blog is private so if you'd like to play along, leave me a comment saying so and she will send you an invitation to her blog.

It’s orange. It’s blue. It smells really good. It’s two home school families in a chocolate shop.

What do you get when two bloggers load their families in the car for a road trip? A lot of laughs, a little prayer, some stimulating conversation and a boat load of memories.

This Saturday we drove to Southern Virginia for a day trip and an opportunity to meet a delightful family with 9 children a puppy.

But first, we had to stop at Target when Emma Rose got car sick.

On the way we listened to a biography of Booker T. Washington.

We stopped at a park for a picnic and were excited to learn that it was called…

After some running and leg stretching

with full tummies, we found our way to the Virginia Museum of Transportation. That’s where we met up with my friend JenT at Many Blessings, Busy Life, and her family.

What a treat to study antique cars

tour the train yards

observe model trains

climb through the vintage Presidential train car

learn about freight trains

crawl over a transportation themed play ground


Also get to know this family at the same time. The children became quick friends.


was giving rides in his antique model T

and let us pile in as many kids as would fit

as long as one grown up came along. We were able to get 12 in the back!

It took two trips but everyone got a go around.

Samuel informed me that, “We have got to get one of these things.”

No good trip would be complete without a little something special to eat. So we squeezed all twenty of us into The Chocolate Paper Store.

There were three cases full of gourmet chocolates to choose from. It was too much of a challenge for the Wachter gang and at last I had to settle on an assorted box.

Some dinner, lots of chit chat, some hugs to exchange and then even though it seemed far too soon we parted ways for home.

And that is one thing I did this week.


  1. How cute...I'm assuming you guys planned to wear the orange and green???

    Looks like a fun day!!

  2. What a darling group of kids and it looks like you guys had a ball. :) I am SO glad I homeschooled my two kiddos. At 14 and 18 I adore them and they are wonderful kids. We have so many happy memories and lots more to make. I think blogging is GREAT for capturing all this. Blessings to you all in the new school year. :)

  3. Kat,

    Oh my love the Chocolate Paper Store???? Paper made out of chocolate???

    OK I would have simply asked to be left there and I would have found my way home. Something about chocolate just calls to me, gives me a happy feeling and just makes me want to just close my eyes and breathe in deep and dream.

    Loved your sharing this delightful story with all of us and letting us come along! By the way Caitlyn (Dear Craisin, one of your newest followers, my daughter) and I want to play along with Brianna's blog so send an invite our way.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. It looks like you all had a great time. How cool to get to meet someone from the blogworld! Someday we will have to meet up with your gang! Great pictures, and I would like to play along. Can you get me an invite?

  5. How fun! I have met up with a few people that I have met through the internet and have yet to be disappointed.
    This just looks like such a wonderful learning experience and at the ssame time, a blast!

    ps What a fun meme too!

  6. Awesome! Two beautiful families enjoying GOD's blessings of life together.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

    PS: I hope you got my email address:

  7. Oh, that sounds like lots of fun!! What a great trip!

  8. I'm glad you had a great time. Your families are beautiful!

  9. Great post!! :) haha I love the beginning line and also the one above the Chocolate Paper picture.

    To the first commenter - I did plan the orange. We always try to wear a matching color when we go out. It just helps everyone stick together. And you know, it helps others know if a little wanders off a little too far. They know "hey - that kid in orange probably belongs to that group right there."

    And I just sent you an email about meeting Hope. Small world, eh?

  10. That is so cool that the two of you got to meet and had a great time. How fun! I just love JenT.

  11. Hi Mom!
    I like your writing style here. The picture of
    KK and Ellie is so cute! So is the one of Arabella and Ellie.
    ♥ Ya!

  12. WOW,what a CREW your two families make! Goodness! =0)

    It looks like four or FIVE families standing there. =0)

    I love that y'all wore a 'color' for each family. That made it much easier to tell who was from what batch. =0)

  13. Looks like y'all had a really fun time. The Model T rides look fun... as does the chocolate store. :)

  14. How fun! I love field trips! LOVE THEM!!! The kids have fun as well!

    Question: When you make the taco seasoning, the last ingredient is it ground oregano
    or fresh? I use ground but just wondering.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Blessings to you!

  15. Oh Wow What a fun filled day! What a crew you all make! I like that each family wore a different color. It did help to distinguish who was whose. Hope's comment had me rolling. Meeting blogging friends is exciting to me too. but she is just too funny! Just think, if Hope and I had added our families to the mix, we would have looked like a community. :)
    Thanks for sharing this day with all of us. This was a lot of fun to read about and see pictures of,

  16. Wow Kat...what a fun filled day! It is so great meeting up with other blogging friends, especially when you share so much in common!

    Loved all the pictures!

  17. You did all that and didn't lose even one child or your minds?!?! You are awesome!!

  18. How awesome is that?!?!?!

    Looks like you guys had a's so wonderful when God brings families together.

    love it!

  19. Now that looks like fun! Lot's of kids there, whew! It was nice you could all get together.

    Thanks, Kat, for all of your prayers and stopping by to encourage me this past week. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. My mom is doing quite well.

    Thank you too, for the True Heart Award. I will try and get to it sometime this week.

    Take care,

  20. How fun!!
    I know you gave me or sent me something like this awhile back and I have yet to put anything together.. I'm sorry.. My blogging has been really limited lately.. I'm hoping once my DH business gets going and the girls homeschool session starts up I can get back on top of stuff..

  21. Just look at all those kids!! How fun! And what a blessing to spend the day with another wonderful family! I just had to laugh at the color coordination--what a clever idea!!!

  22. I totally love all your shots! so much FUN iknow i said that already! but love it love it!
    You have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! =)

  23. Oh i love the shirts :)