August 12, 2009

What a Way To Wake Up

A morning without coffee is like sleep. ~Author Unknown

This morning Sunday) we got home around 1:30 A.M. By the time we unloaded the kids, brushed the chocolate off their teeth, showered and climbed into bed it was 2:30 or so.

But the sun still came up around 5:30. Can you imagine? God did not get the memo that I needed to sleep in. I did not get out of bed, though. The I-didn't-get-enough-sleep pounding in my head was too great. I laid there and listened to the family sleep until 8:30 when I had no choice but to get up or miss our worship service this morning.

I dragged myself to the bathroom to start my makeup routine and remembered that my makeup bag was still in the car from yesterday morning, when we set out bright and early for our road trip to Virginia. As I trudged to the car the sunlight made me squint. Then I saw the paper in the post box and wandered across the street to pick it up for dear husband.

The mailbox still had yesterdays letters in it. As I reached in I saw a package. For a moment I thought of Aedan's favorite saying about mail, "All the best things are shipped." (Did you know I prefer mail order shopping to stores?) That's when it hit me. This little package was a God send from Blog World!

From inside came the delightful smell of huckleberry coffee sent by my friend Darcie at The Story of Us.

During a recent visit home to Montana, Darcie picked up some local specialties and hosted a giveaway with treats from Montana. Because I love coffee so much (yes, Hope, I mean love)I got a little silly with entries. When I ran out of things to say by way of comments, I started posting quotes about coffee. And when I ran out of coffee quotes, I found a few quotes about Montana. You may be surprised to know people have very few quotes about Montana but hundreds about coffee. My daughters jumped on to leave a few comments, too. I didn't count, but I would suspect that we left about 100 comments.

And yet, that random number generator DID NOT PICK ME? But darling, Darcie, knew I must be completely pathetic to invest so much time into a bag of coffee. Or perhaps she was afraid I would become violent. (I might have implied that, but I don't think so.)

Just kidding. Darcie is far to kind to think anything so mean about someone, even if it is true.

Anyway, Darcie sent this beautiful bag of coffee. And it smells divine. I could smell it right through the package, even with a stuffy nose! It was my salvation this morning. I walked directly to the coffee maker and brewed up a couple of cups, full strength...caffeine and all. And I even shared some with dear husband.

It tasted fruity. I have never had a huckleberry. Actually, I don't even know what a huckleberry is. There aren't any quotes about huckleberries. Just in case you were wondering. But I imagine that is what the amazing flavor was. It was reminiscent of a blueberry coffee I had once.

After one cup and some makeup, I was feeling like myself again. So a great big THANK YOU to Darcie. Stop over at her blog and tell her thank you, too. At least you can dream about huckleberry coffee. And while you are there you can read some special posts about her visit home to Montana.

And maybe someone can tell me just what a huckleberry is.


  1. Oh my goodness! That is so funny! I remember her post and all of your comments and your daughter's comments. Darcie is so sweet to send you some even though your 100 comments did not show up in the display. I hope you enjoy every last drop of it. :)

  2. What a nice way to start the day--with a lovely surprise in the mailbox! And this "A morning without coffee is like sleep" literally made me laugh out loud! I love that quote. Thanks for the laugh. Needed it.

  3. Kat,

    Nothing spells love like coffee! It's one of the things I hope God has plenty of in Heaven because it's just so soothing to wake up to.

    I love huckleberries! I purchased some on line products awhile back from a vendor in Montana, which included Huckleberry syrup and Huckleberry pancake mix. It smells simply heavenly and can only imagine that it was a gift from God in your mailbox this morning helping you to get rid of that not enough sleep headache. I hate those!

    Praying for you Kat that your headache goes away, that you are feeling so much more alive and like yourself and still need the invites to your daughter Kaitlyn's blog.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. That is so wonderful! Isn't Darcie an amazing person. You need to check out my Monday post for sure.

    Huckleberries fall in the same catagory as blueberries I believe but they are very small. the kicker is that you have to hike up way in the mountains and search for the plants. When you have found a good patch you don't usually tell anyone about it, LOL! The biggest problem with getting the huckleberry is that it is a huge favorite of the bear! You always have to be on the lookout when you are out picking. Once my mom and I were picking them and we saw bear scat (poop) and them we heard the bear.... we took our stash and hopped on the 4 wheeler for home.

    I love homemade huckleberry pie, if you get invited for a piece it means that person REALLY likes you!

    Enjoy that morning coffee!

  5. That is definitely a great way to start your early morning - a surprise and coffee!

  6. How sweet of Darcie. She is just so precious. So glad you enjoyed it. Not sure I know what a huckleberry is either.

  7. So glad you got your coffee. The last thing Allen and I were discussing was coffee.

    The only huckleberry I know about is Huckleberry Finn. :) So Carin's comment was very informative.

    I do love fruit flavored teas though. I've been drinking that a lot this summer.

  8. What a great way to start your morning!!!!!! The coffee sounds good!!!!

  9. That is what I call Godly friend intervention! I love coffee but I have had to give up the caffeine for the most part. It's a bummer!

  10. I can't start my morning without a few cups, so you were off to a great and a surprise!

  11. Kat,

    I can so relate to badgering someone with comments. And even though I didn't officially win, some kind lady (read: YOU) blessed me with the prize. Yes, I received the "Grab Me Gotcha" while in Indiana and am just tickled with it. No, I won't tickle myself with it, I'll just grab hard-to-reach stuff. Speaking of that, my daughter, Melanie, loves that little gadget. She was going for easy to reach grapes out of the bowl and was giggling as she did it.

    Thank you for your kindness to this desperate commenter and I am glad to be back in blogland and look forward to catching up with you.

    Hugs and Blessings,

  12. What a blessing! Just when you needed it the most!

  13. You are so sweet to post about it(you didn't have to), but thanks! I just wanted to find you a little something for all your effort. Glad you enjoyed it! Mrs. Carin was being a dear heart when she posted that post. We were not only suppose to meet, but we had booked her to take pictures of my husbands family side for his parents 40th anniversary. I ended up getting the flu and his family cancelled her, and I felt so bad(because she had been waiting for us to get to her corner of MT). It was just a little something for say thanks! I am so thankful for the wonderful ladies that I have meant just from blogging!

  14. How precious!! Any friend who sends coffee is a friend for life!!

  15. I enjoyed reading this little post...made me giggle.

  16. So now I know what to do if I really want to win a contest on a blog. Way to go!