September 11, 2009

Flowers On the Windowsill

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time. Finally, today, I am joining Pam to record a moment that is particularly special to me as I raise my little ones. You can join in the laughter and tears and link up over at her blog...Your Gonna Miss This... Moment

Is there anyone out there who has read my blog who does not know that I love my gardens? The planting? The mulching? The weeding? The feeding? The watering? Taking in God's amazing creation?

An afternoon of resting in them as reward for all that hard work?

I love the times that we spend there together as a family. I love that even my littlest guys love to walk along the path and quite literally smell the flowers.

I love it all so very much that each fall I become quite melancholy as the nights grow cooler and I know it is just a matter of short time before the first frost will claim my beautiful blooms for another year. But there is always another spring to look forward to. Indeed, now as the days grow short, I am already planning and looking forward to next summer's color and glorious perfume.

But there is this, too. One thing that I will miss through the soon to come winter and surely even more when my children are grown. And that is the flowers on the windowsill.

One day a few years ago, my girlfriend and I had spent the morning visiting. When nap time arrived and it was time for us to get about our work, we stood on the porch saying goodbye. The children were having a delightful time running about the front yard and swinging from the cherry tree.

As we chatted, it always takes us twenty minutes to say goodbye, Aedan stopped playing and starting plucking off dahlia heads. Quickly, Nathaniel joined him, gathering impatient flowers. It wasn't another minute before Samuel was there, as well.

My friend stopped talking and looked at me with a concerned face. "They are picking your flowers," she said.

"I know," was my reply as I went back to our conversation.

She was surprised and quite bothered that I didn't interrupt their joy and put an end to it.

But I knew where those flowers were heading.

It wasn't a minute before they ran up to me shrieking with delight. "Mama, here is a bouquet for you."

My favorite place for these bouquets made of short stems, is in these antique crystal juice glasses that I bought at a yard sale for a quarter each. Nothing less than my finest is good enough for something given from a heart that desires nothing more than to please their mama.

In the spring, before my flowers are blooming, they painstakingly gather dandelions and clover for me to fill the first vases for the year. Even though, I am terribly allergic, I will gladly take my two shots a week and multiple pills a day, if it means I can glance at these little gifts as I wash dishes or scrub potatoes.

I hate to part with them so much, I have been known to let them stay until they are well past their prime, even.

If you turn to Joshua 14 in my Bible, you will find a dried impatient presented to me on September 25, 2005. And a rose petal in Isaiah. And in Psalm 8 a zinnia Aedan presented to me the evening before the first frost when he was 5 years old. As he put it in my hand, he gave me a kiss and said, "Mama, here is the last flower of the summer for you."

I am going to miss that moment.

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  1. Just Beautiful! In my book there is no substitute for hand picked flowers.

    I LOVE the new pictures of your gorgeous children!

    P.S. Thanks for taking the time to leave me those encouraging comments last night. :)

  2. Beautiful. My heart is always warmed when I come here. Thank you, andrea

  3. How precious! Yes, I will miss tender little thoughts like that! The first time my three year old brought me flowers... I happened to have the camera in hand and got him as he was handing them to me! Just too precious! And even now, when we are exporing parks and places around town, he still picks the random flower to give to me. It touches my heart each and every time! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I can see why you are going to miss those! Beautiful flowers Kat!

  5. Awww! How sweet! I would say that i would definitely miss that too! I love fresh picked flowers!

  6. Oh, yes, that is indeed a precious moment. I remember we once had a dog that chewed down all the little trees we planted. One survived, though, a dogwood. In the spring it bloomed big pink blossoms. My oldest was only 4 at the time when he burst through the back door with an armful of dogwood branches blooming pink blossoms. He'd picked them for me. It was so incredibly sweet. My jaw dropped open and I thought, "I am so glad Dad loves you more than the dog" --LOL

    You have such precious children. What a refreshing story!

  7. what a precious moment. The flowers are beautiful and I love to get dandelions from my kids. Such beautiful gifts.

  8. Thank you for joining me! And what a wonderful blog!! And Iam so glad to meet you! And i totally get your heart for the flowers on the window sil!! I need some flower help in the garden!! i may need to ask some questions one of these days!! love your blog!! and welcome to my carnival!!