September 30, 2009

Home Tour 2009

Brianna made this video for me. A little tour of our home. Unfortunately, Allen was working and I had to run the camera. It is less than professional looking (but the girls tell me it is fine and there is no need to redo it.) So sue me. I can not be good at everything, ya know. (Big smiling face here.)

Our home has been a work in progress . Since we bought it in 2001 we have been working room by room to replace the single pane glass windows, add new base, chair rail and crown molding, and replace the carpet with hard wood floors. We work as time and money permit. Jobs are chosen by order of importance and are often put aside for a time as something more pressing comes up.

We have turned the garage into a school room and bedroom, completely overhauled two bathrooms and the master bedroom and have been in the midst of a basement remodel for two years. We work on inside projects during the bad weather and the outside projects during good weather.

Two things are certain around here. If it is a weekend my dear husband will be working on some project. ( I am usually permitted to watch only as my skills are limited even though I have much know how from my years of observation). And there will always be some project to do.

As soon as we finished making this video, literally two days later, Allen decided to replace the front door. We have talked about it for 7 years (almost 8 but whose counting?) Brianna said she would re-shoot the opening scene for me...but time is limited before our trip so I just put a nice picture here for you to admire. Pretend you are walking through this door instead of the old green one.

Notice the plaque by the front door. Those little squares are what is left of the adhesive numbers that were stuck there when we bought the house. That is the actual size. Do you not think it is funny that someone thought you would be able to see those tiny numbers from the road? Anyway, I tried everything and can not get that stuff off. I gave up about six years ago. We will be replacing the siding one of these days, anyway. Why sweat the little stuff?

One of these days I will dig out pictures of the school room to show you what it looked like before Allen moved in. It was my favorite room in the house by far. I still love it except that it is too cluttered with Allen's work stuff and lab equipment and I start to hyperventilate when I go in there. So that is something I try to avoid.

And without anymore chatter, Art's chili Pepper Presents...


  1. I love this video!
    Thanks for sharing your home with us!
    You are so creative and Brianna is so talented!


  2. Kat,

    You crack me up, too. :-) That was a great video of your home. I caught a live glimpse of you in the bathroom mirror.

    Your home is lovely and Brianna did a great job in presenting it. I enjoyed all of the words popping up as I was watching the home tour.

    Thanks for letting me pop in.

  3. Brianna is an awesome guide. I loved the tour. What a sweet home and video. Love the white board and the pink laptop.

  4. Kat,

    WOW! What a great home! Thanks to you, Brianna and your hubby for letting us walk through your home.

    I did clap when you captioned that your master bedroom was finally finished. Loved all your captions! They were so much fun!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Love, love, love the new front door. When did you move the desks into the girls' room? Really like that. Bet it works out well for them also. My favorite part was all the captions. Kept me watching and laughing through the whole tour.

  6. Great video! Loved going on the tour.

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  8. I enjoyed watching your video! Did you remodel your basement? I'd love to see that! We want to remodel ours but it seems so daunting.