September 21, 2009

How Cocoa Came to Wachter World

In my first post I introduced you to my birds Art and Chili Pepper. Later I told you about how Chili and Art came to be part of our world. And a while ago I told you how my Art disappeared. But the story didn't end there.

While my heart was aching God already had a plan in mind. Each day I started to read the listings of missing and found birds on a yahoo list called . Each time a bird would come up that fit the description I would email the lister and send pictures and we would email back and forth until we determined that none of the 50 parakeets or so that might have been Art, were not.

In doing so, I came across a lady in Lancaster who had a bird that looked very similar to my Art. She kindly told me that no she didn't think he was my pet. As my hopes fell again, though, I made a new friend.

She told me how she went out to her deck one day in the pouring rain and found the fellow just sitting there, "the very definition of bedraggled." He was so weak and tired he just let her scoop him right up.

Audrey and I exchanged emails back and forth in which she shared she had multiple cats and had to find a home for the boy while she looked for his owner. She didn't have a cage for him and so he had to live in a cat carrier for a few days until she could outfit him with one of his own. Due to the trauma of his time in the wild, he was understandably skittish. And because of her cats he had to be confined to a cage all the time. No fault of dear Audrey, who just took the poor fellow in. But less than ideal living conditions for the little guy.

In the meantime, my Chili Pepper was going down hill quick. Parakeets mate for life and in the absence of their mate they have literally been known to die of loneliness. She barely ate, wasn't sleeping right, and had stopped singing altogether. As I watched her lose weight, I was unsure how to help her.

When I heard of Audrey's bird, the Lord laid on my heart the answer to both problems. I would foster Audrey's bird and he would help lift Chili spirits and in return he would be able to fly and have company. I was already reading the listings daily anyway, so I could look for my lost bird and Audrey's found bird at the same time.

And Audrey lived in Lancaster, PA which happened to be on my husband's travel route to Philadelphia for work.

On the evening of June 10th he arrived in Wachter ville and Audrey and I agreed on the name Cocoa, for calling him bird seemed inadequate.

With Cocoa, Audrey sent this comic. Which as a woman who has exchanged a few hundred emails in search of a bird and a bird family, I could well relate to.


  1. What a great story! Keep us updated on how the two get along!

  2. That is a great story! I think after what Cocoa has been through, they may very well be the perfect match once together. I hope you find Art, too.

    Thanks for the "Humane" award. I appreciate it. I'm bad at posting about awards on my blog and I have to apologize about that. Please don't let that stop you from sending any others over, though. :-)

  3. Your bird stories are so amazing to me, I've learned so much.

    Also! I forgot to THANK YOU for your encouraging post on my "sand hill" climb and for the book recommends. I am for sure looking into those 2 books. Much appreciated.

  4. Kat,

    This is one of those cliff hanger endings! I was hoping to hear that poor Cocoa was actually your missing bird after all and it all had a happy ending.

    Oh just put me out of my misery, please!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, what a great story!

    Actually, I was gonna say "That story is for the birds!" ha ha ha

    Very neat.