September 12, 2009

A Really Long List... That Might Make You Feel Better

I now know that this mania is not limited to just me. The crazy to do lists before I go away. The insane amount of running and fixing and preparing and getting things ready before I can go... even when it is just a few days. Oh, I am so happy to know that I am not alone.

Once, many moons ago... I was going into the hospital for surgery. I had not been well, thus the need for surgery, and I had baby Kaitlin. It was around midnight the night before my six am check in that I got around to scrubbing my house.

I have often looked back on that night of cleaning and wondered what I was thinking. It made perfect sense at the time... but it wasn't until this summer that I finally figured out why I was so driven.

It is the same reason that before each trip, I must clean, tidy, stock, prepare, make lists... Even when my family is traveling with me.

When reading a this post at Hope's blog, it all looked clear to me at last. I need to make sure things are in order in case I don't return.

This is not a morbid thought. It is just a statement. It is much like my grandmother's admonition to wear nice underwear in case an accident should occur. In fact, this drive, it is the same as my husband's need to get all his accounts in order and leave them in the care of another employee before he goes away. His boss has entrusted him with a very important job. He wants to ensure that someone can carry it out to completion in his absence.

Likewise, God has given me a very important job. One which I take seriously enough to make my life's work. I have invested much into it. When it is time to turn the baton over whether today, next year or when I am 95, I want to be sure it is all in order so that my family may have a smooth transition.

It seemed very fitting that my friend Heather Kay was posting a short while ago about her many things to do. She encouraged us to list our short term goals for this fall so we could cheer each other on. I have my to do list in my notebook and parts of it on the wipe board in the kitchen so although, I thought it was a good idea... I didn't get around to it.

In another post, I was reading this morning (Friday), she was concerned she would not make her goals after she took a few days off for a get away with her dear husband, J. I was trying to make her feel better by posting my to do list for the next five days before we leave on vacation and realized I had an entire post written before I realized it.

Don't think I am complaining, I like to do these things, I swear. Organizing and scheduling and planning are my specialties. I just usually pace myself a little better. And amazingly, I know that God is going to help me do what must be done and let go of the rest. That is how it always goes when I get in one of these spots.

So, if you are worried about all you must do, sit back take a breath and feast your eyes on this. I copied and pasted my comment from her blog...I just cleaned up my capitalization so it wouldn't hurt your eyes to read it. Yes, I was being lazy when I typed it up in her comment box... read the list before you throw stones. (I am smiling, I swear... but some more coffee would be nice.) And I added a few that slipped my mind.

Dear Heather Kay,

I was thinking I would list here my next 5 days so it will make you feel better...

General list of must dos before leaving on vacation...

  • Make arrangements for care takers for house, pets, pool, gardens
  • Take rolled coins from vacation jar to the bank and trade out for cash
  • Finish ordering school books
  • Make check lists for school
  • Lesson plans
  • Finish bulletin boards
  • Buy plane tickets for trip to Italy in November
  • Organize, make reservations and plan mom's 70th birthday party on October 17
  • Send invites
  • Make arrangements for trip to Ohio on October 9-11 (3 days after returning from this trip)
  • Clean out school room closet and clear last years stuff off shelves (no time to do it when we return...see above)
  • Check fall clothing needs for family
  • Coats and boots, too.
  • Clean out fridge
  • Laundry
  • Iron
  • Turn off water and power for duration
  • Pick and freeze remaining produce in garden
  • Buy crickets...we always have to buy crickets!
  • Put away summer furniture outdoors, bring in plants
  • Find someone who won't kill my orchid while I am gone...I have actually kept it alive since Mother's Day
  • Finish the homework assignments I will miss while I am away... 4 weeks to go
  • Pack my already packed theirs
  • Cut Allen's hair
  • take entries to the fair grounds enter one time and the teens and adults another... how lame is that? And it happens to be in the middle of church camp which means a lot of driving back and forth
  • make arrangements for items to be picked up at the end of the fair.
  • menses are be sick for the next 3 days in the woods during church camp
  • Finish scheduling posts for the next four weeks
  • shop and wrap Emma's birthday gifts...her birthday is the day after we get home
  • Come up with one for my mom...any ideas???
And in case that wasn't enough here is a list of a few events we can't miss in the that time frame.
  • Friday thru Sunday afternoon church family camp
  • Saturday a business even conveniently located in Baltimore area an hour from camp and an hour from home.
  • Saturday afternoon,the only time for Children's entries in the fair...the ones they have been working on for a very long time...also an hour from camp
  • Sunday afternoon family obligation to volunteer at library and founders day event
  • Monday Abeka fair to get books with twelve percent shipping discount
  • Tuesday morning boys' haircut appointment
  • Wednesday morning allergy shots
  • Wednesday afternoon the assigned time to drop off the big girls sewing projects at the fair. You know the ones they have been working on day and night...literally, for weeks.

And at last I must make sure I don't drive poor hubby and kids crazy and give them lots of hugs, kisses and quality time so they still feel loved...and will take me on vacation with them. :)

Do you have a list you need to tackle? Pop over to Heather Kay's and let her know you are in the same boat. As for me, I will be hiding in the closet with a cup of coffee and my Bible for a few hours until I stop hyperventilating.

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  1. I just had surgery yesterday and my list was a mile long and though I was crazy busy this week, I accomplised it all. Thursday I did my usual deep cleaning and my mom told me to rest. I'm just like her though so she knew her advice was useless. You have quite the list but have fun on vacation!

  2. Vacation is going to be so long as we are not too tired to enjoy it! :)

  3. Just dropped in for a minute. Now I'm exhausted! HA Have fun on vacation.

    Drop in!


  4. Love the new pictures on the side.

  5. Oh yes, I can relate. By the time I am finished preparing for vacation, I need one! Badly!

    I too, have to have things in order before we leave on vacation or a trip. But my reasoning is a little different...I can't stand coming home to a mess! I want to come home to having everything perfect so I can relax, because as much as I need a vacation after preparing for vacation, I usually also need a vacation after vacation!

    Have a great time!

  6. Kat, UPS came to my door today and what do you suppose they brought me? Hmmm, my friend?

    Thank you, thank you and I can't wait to try it!

    You know, I always do the same thing before I go on a vacation. I always want the house to be perfect.

    I always thought it was because, after staying in hotels for a week for two, that I'd want to come home to everything clean and ready for us.

    Now, I also think you're right, I want it to be nice in case I never return, lol!

    I hope you are able to get everything done that needs to be done and have a lovely time!

  7. Okay, just reading all the things you've got to do made me TIRED, Kat! I now need a nap. Goodnight. =0) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  8. Ok I think your list has definitely beat mine on getting ready for vacation. for sure! :) Love the signature! Very cute!

  9. Good grief go, but be safe as you go!! I hope your lists get done so that you may enjoy your vaca!!

  10. Wow that is a crazy list. Let me know if you do complete it all. enjoy your vacation & get lots of rest from that long to do list you had to finish before you left. :)
    I like the signature. Super cute.

  11. I like your blog and I love your personal description. Wow 7 kids! Amazing! I have one right now, but want more soon. I love being a mommy! I read your blog comment on Hope's blog and thought I would check out your blog. I think I will follow it if you don't mind. I am planning to homeschool and am interested in learning all I can. Be back soon and have a good trip.


  12. Well, it could have been worse. You could have sent your sister jam and me the pump, lol!

    Thank you again and I love your new signature. It's perfect!